Lost In Japan Releases ‘Night Talks Pt. I’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Lost In Japan*

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I’m Addison Johnson from indie rock band Lost In Japan and we are unveiling the first part of our sophomore LP. Click here to stream Night Talks Pt. 1 wherever you get your music. 

This record taught me to push myself as a songwriter. Sometimes, it’s okay to go into a project with no plan in mind and see what you create. To see how our tracks have grown from something we wrote in a basement to being played to tons of people is an amazing feeling. 

You’ll hear a theme of monotony in Night Talks Pt. 1, in the sense that it feels like you’re listening to a friend talk about their week or day. The majority of it was written at night after a band practice. I would go home and talk with my friends or partner about personal issues I was having at that time. That’s when I thought of the name.

Our new song “On My Way” tells a story of anxiety. The idea stems from a friend of ours telling us about how anxious they were, despite looking completely fine. Everyone has their own personal battles going on in their head. 

We want to give our listeners a feeling of partnership. We hope that comes through. 


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