“Ghostbusters In Concert” Continues This Fall Featuring Peter Bernstein Conducting

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The film with live orchestra production continues this fall in multiple cities to honor the legacies of Ivan Reitman and Elmer Bernstein
 Photo credit: Schirmer Theatrical
LOS ANGELES, CA: Schirmer Theatrical (a part of Wise Music Group) is honored to continue their successful Ghostbusters In Concert production this fall. Concerts feature Elmer Bernstein’s iconic score performed live-to-picture with select performances being conducted by Peter Bernstein (son of Elmer Bernstein). Peter Bernstein was an original orchestrator for the 1984 film and joined Schirmer Theatrical’s creative team to help restore his father’s Ghostbusters score before it was performed live, in its entirety, for the first time in 2018.

Peter Bernstein will be conducting three select performances this fall: Chicago Philharmonic (10/8/22), Reno Philharmonic (10/27/22) and Fresno Philharmonic (10/29/22).

The difference between conducting Ghostbusters in Concert and almost anything else is that when I am conducting almost anything else, I don’t hear the audience laughing out loud and yelling ‘Ghostbusters’ along with the song. It is unique in the most wonderful way. I was my father’s orchestrator for a decade before becoming a composer myself and reconstructing and conducting this score almost 40 years later reminds me not only of all the fun we had in those days, but also that my father was a composer of prodigious creativity, skill and energy who created a score for Ghostbusters, which is a master class in balancing drama and humor,” says Peter Bernstein

Ghostbusters is a cinematic treasure that still resonates with audiences today and as it continues to generate new audiences with its sequels and video games, the film’s lasting connection with old and new fans is a testament to the talent and bond amongst the creative team. 

Ivan Reitman majored in music, which made him an amazing collaborator when it came to working with Elmer BernsteinBernstein had worked on several films that Reitman produced, such as National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) and Heavy Metal (1981)Elmer Bernstein also scored Ivan Reitman’s first feature films as a director: Meatballs (1979) and Stripes (1981). By the early ‘80s, the two were so close that Elmer Bernstein was brought onto the creative team for Ghostbusters before any of the cast had signed on. 

“It was probably one of the most difficult jobs I ever had to do and I don’t mean this as a pun, but to find the right note. The score was not easy. It was extremely difficult. Ivan Reitman and I must have talked on the phone every single day while I was working on it, just trying to help ourselves find the right approach,” said Elmer Bernstein in a 1985 interview with Randall D. Larson. 

Schirmer Theatrical has been producing Ghostbusters in Concert since 2018 and fans will experience the two-time Oscar and two-time Golden Globe-nominated film, screened live as an orchestra performs the Grammy-nominated score and Ray Parker Jr.’s Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping theme song, “Ghostbusters”! 

“We feel strongly that, this coming fall, we’d like to honor Ivan Reitman and his legacy in collaboration with the dozens of Ghostbusters fan clubs around the world which come out to support the concerts”, says Robert Thompson (President, Wise Music Group)

Ghostbusters In Concert has grown into an inspiring collaborative movement with participation from Ghostbusters fan clubs from around the world. Schirmer Theatrical encourages orchestras to collaborate with fan clubs in their area, all of which are registered charities. With their Ectomobiles, Proton Packs and PKE Meters in tow, these clubs are eager to plan community outreach events surrounding the concerts. 

“We’ve gotten to meet many active club members. The thought that Ivan Reitman created a living legacy of fan clubs throughout the world (many of whom are working to make their communities safe and secure, and not just from ghosts) is a heartfelt one,” explains Robert Thompson



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