Swiss Progressive-Metal Djentlemen Alchemists Stream New Album Reissue ‘More Love’ On YouTube

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Swiss progressive-metal djentlemen Alchemists streamed new album reissue ‘More Love’ on YouTube.

Available right now as extended edition on digital exclusive and CD/Digital as standard edition.
“Chapter One: Love is a damn strong first album, from the first to the last track, it’s fun and inspires to bang along, as well as to think along. Chapeau!” – Artnoir

A couple of days after the official reissue of their debut album ‘Chapter One : Love’ re-released 18 months after the initial limited-release, Progressive-Metal/Djentlemen Alchemists streamed the whole effort as extended edition on YouTube

Including the instrumental version of the album and called ‘More Love,’ this new version of album (with a new artwork) is available right now on CD & Digital through Bandcamp and the main legal platforms. 
 Stream the album as extended edition on YouTube 
 ‘ ...For the record…

ALCHEMISTS is a Swiss Progressive Metal band composed of guitarist Marc Chevalley (ex-Make Me A Donut), along with bassist Yoann Maillard (Path Of Desolation), drummer Thomas Giroud and singer Julen Ibarrola (Ex-Buried Skies).

Their unique musical style incorporates musical influences from death metal, progressive metal and hardcore for fans of Periphery, Meshuggah and Nothlane. In March 2020, the band released their debut album, ‘Chapter One : Love’ (Tenacity Music) produced by Martin Gronnier (The Dali Thundering Concept) and mastered by Pierrick Noël (Kadinja, Klone).

On September 2nd, 2022, Alchemists re-released ‘More Love,’ an extended edition of debut album ‘Chapter One : Love.’

For fans of Architects, Periphery, Meshuggah… 
 Buy ‘One Love’ or ‘More Love’ on Bandcamp 

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