Hollow Graves Release New EP ‘Heatwave’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Hollow Graves*

What do we do to pass the time / Supposed to be the best years of our lives

But I guess I / Should finish what I shouldn’t have started

Have you been creating great summer memories?

After the release of our 2nd full-length album Mid-Century Modern in January 2022, we thought it was important to release an EP with new songs, considering that some songs on the full-length were written well over three years ago. 

We felt that these three new songs really fit our vibe and wanted to make sure we get it out there for the world to listen to. The Heatwave EP shows what we’ve been up to this year, incorporating dreamy guitar riffs, solid bass lines and moody vocals. 

Stream Heatwave below via your preferred platform.


The eponymous track, “Heatwave,” is about meeting up with a romantic partner while basking in the hot sandy beaches of our youth. However, the seasons change and so does that summer love feeling.

Good times don’t last forever, but the memories do.

Thank you for listening,

Hollow Graves

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