Ivory Fields Calls Out Love And Rockets, Simple Minds, Alien Sex Fiend As Influences On Future-Past Sound Of New “As If” Single, Out Now

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Los Angeles, CA

Ivory Fields calls out Love and Rockets, Simple Minds, Alien Sex Fiend as influences on future-past sound of new “As If” single, out now.

Alejandro Cohen (Pharaohs, Languis, dublab) + Mahadev (GANGI, Fake Estates) to drop album of synth, drum machine, guitar compositions on Oct. 28.

+++ Ivory Fields (L-R): MahadevAlejandro Cohen. Photo credit: Jeanette Getrost.
Ivory Fields | “As If”

[SOUNDCLOUD]: https://soundcloud.com/fanaticpro/ivory-fields-as-if


Hear “As If” by Ivory Fields now at It’s Psychedelic Baby here or at the link above. Pre-save “As If” (out now) here.

‘As If’ is more of a goth-inspired track than others on the album,” says Alejandro Cohen of Ivory Fields about the first single from the duo’s upcoming self-titled debut album. “There are hints of Alien Sex Fiend and Love and Rockets in there.”

Mahadev, the other half of Ivory Fields explains, “I was listening to a lot of Cleaners from Venus and Simple Minds while I was out on tour. When I got home, I opened up some new ideas that Ale sent me and ‘As If’ was one of them.

“I set up a mic into a tape echo without any lyrics and recorded the verse vocals in one take. The repeating vocals were probably very inspired by Dome and goth groups Alehas turned me on to.”


Ivory Fields
(Simballrec / Office of Analogue and Digital)
Oct. 28, 2022

Track Listing:
01. Everything Is Okay
03. Well Well Well
04. Land And Sea Boundaries (YOUTUBE | SOUNDCLOUD)
05. Blasted
06. GV
07. Bells
08. Saint Colors
09. Following The Path
10. Notice All Of These Things
Ivory Fields | About

Ivory Fields (October 28, 2022Simballrec / Office of Analogue and Digital) is the self-titled ten-song debut album from the Los Angeles-based duo of Mahadev (f/k/a Matt Gangi) (GANGIFake Estates) and Alejandro Cohen (PharaohsLanguis.)
In their own words, Ivory Fields “combusts layers of synths, drum machines and guitar over songs composed more around sonic imagery than chord progressions.”
The description is as accurate as it is mysterious. Indeed, the music here often feels like it is both floating just out of grasp and overwhelming and omnipresent at the same time.
Even so, Mahadev reminds that the record is grounded in a “flare for pop context in its songwriting and production.” Cohen concurs, saying, “Ivory Fields mixes a desire for pop songs, dance production values and experimental influences.”
The album’s upcoming singles – the electro-goth inspired “As If” and the danceable glow of “Blasted” – contain these musical multitudes. Catchy and eluding capture.
In reality, this music was dormant for some time, which belies how relevant and modern it sounds in its reverence for contemporaries (Animal CollectiveGeneva Jacuzzi) and classic artists of the genre (Psychic TVWire.)
Cohen elaborates on the latter, explaining that Ivory Fields actually began “as a loose tribute to Dome –the experimental side project by members of Wire.”
Mahadev adds another touchstone, saying, “My friend, David Chaim Cohen (who mastered this album) said he heard The Legendary Pink Dots in the record. That made me happy, since I was actually listening to their album Brighter Now quite a bit at that time.”
“That time” was many years ago.
Ivory Fields has been years in the making,” Mahadev says.
Many of the synths and vocals on the record were tracked between 2010 and 2012 in what Mahadev describes as “a slow-burning collaboration.”
This scenario is similar to Mahadev’s other recent release as one-half of GANGI. That duo’s “As Fake Estates” EP is also comprised of songs created many years prior to being shown to the public. Somehow, in both cases, it feels right that these compositions have had the time to silently evolve.
“The album wasn’t completed sooner, not because of lack of inspiration or too much time in the studio,” Mahadev explains. “We took our time to let it smolder and either because of what was brought to light through the burning of time, or because of the process of completion we achieved by looking back into the fire, Ivory Fields is work we are very proud of.”
The self-titled debut album by Ivory Fields arrives on October 28, 2022 via Simballrec / Office of Analogue and Digital preceded by the singles “As If” and “Blasted.”
Ivory Fields | Links

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