Emo Folker Tag Day Shares “Sparks” From Forthcoming ‘Home Is A House In A Photograph’ Album For Friend Club Records

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Emo folker Tag Day shares “Sparks” from forthcoming Home is a House in a Photograph album for Friend Club Records

Tag Day is the moniker of El Tyler, from Canterbury, England, whose music fuses influence from a range of diverse artists to create genre-fluid songs deeply rooted in a DIY ethos and carrying the sincerity and passion of both popular emo and folk artists. Simply, Tag Day writes imperfect, candid songs reminiscent of artists like Bright Eyes, Harley Poe and Amigo the Devil. Sick, right?

The enigmatic artist shared the first single, and first track, from their forthcoming Home is a House in a Photograph album, which will see release via Friend Club Records on October 21.

Written and recorded in their bedroom, Tyler says, “‘Sparks’ is a song about love, loss, and identity. It’s about shamelessly accepting yourself for who you are and accepting your flaws.” Listen to it here.

Follow Tag Day on Bandcamp.

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