TALCO: Video For New Single “Garage Jukebox” Out Now

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TALCO: video for new single “Garage Jukebox” out now
Pic Credits: Andrea Rigano
Italian “punkchanka” outfit Talco is back on the crest of the wave with a new album, titled “Videogame.”
The band has been able to overcome the difficult period of the pandemic, opening the track to the side project “Talco Maskerade” with the album “Locktown,” and then returning to add power to their signature melodies with the EP “Insert Coin,” predecessor of the new work, which had already made things clear: TALCO are here to stay, firm and in top shape, on the stages of half of Europe.

And it is from there that the band was able to strike the match to light this new fire, sharing the Punk In Drublic tour with NOFX, Pennywise, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Ignite and many other big international names, playing in front of thousands of people every day.


A band that knows how to bring its size and live energy to the records as well, while at the same time managing to translate the value of studio production into the live experience. 

From this approach, which has now become a hallmark of Talco, comes “Videogame.”

15 tracks of punk-rock influenced by the California sound, with horns driving the sing-a-long.

An important album for the band, which shuffles the cards while inserting a committed attitude with an introspective path in which the theme of fear is analyzed in all its facets, against the backdrop of a “Videogame.”

The band comments:

“Initially, the project was not conceived as part of a trilogy, but the pandemic that postponed its release leading to the release of “Locktown,” turned “Videogame” into the prequel to a true introspective journey about the mind and the concept of time that – in contrast to the static nature of the acoustic record – here suffocates the individual with its frenzy. 

It is precisely within this chaos that the freak has been wandering for years in search of a lost serenity until the advent of a storm that, as described on “Locktown,” suddenly stopped time, restoring his the ability to manage life as he pleases, choosing his own pace.

The musical style is outlined as always in Talco’s characteristic traits, but in a much more powerful sound than on previous albums, influenced by Californian punk-rock.

It is a simple story that, revolving around the concept of escape from fear and anguish, deals in parallel with introspective and committed reflections, in a metaphorical plot that starts from the dream of an awakening inside a video game.”

The album “Videogame,” recorded by Marc Boria at Labedoble Estudi and mixed and mastered by Jason Livermore at Blasting Room Studio, is released by HFMN, Long Beach Recordings and Cargo.

WATCH VIDEO “Garage Jukebox”: 

The first tour dates have been announced:

04.11.22 – DE, Hamburg – Fabrik*
05.11.22 – DE, Berlin – Astra*
18.11.22 – DE, Bochum – Bahnhof Langender SOLD OUT
19.11.22 – DE, Stuttgart – Im Wizemann*
25.11.22 – DE, Nuremberg – Hirsch*
26.11.22 – DE, Cologne – Live Music Hall*
27.11.22 – NL, Amsterdam – Melkweg
01.12.22 – DE, Wiesbaden – Schlachthof*
02.12.22 – DE, Leipzig – Felsenkeller*
03.12.22 – DE, Munich – Backstage*
04.12.22 – CH, Zurich – Dynamo*
08.12.22 – CZ, Prague – Futurum*
09.12.22 – DE, Dresden – Tante Ju*
10.12.22 – DE, Magdeburg – Factory*
11.12.22 – DE, Hanover – Faust* SOLD OUT

*with Roughneck Riot

The Cover of the new album “Videogame”

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