Fall Out Boy Meets Motley Crue On Ne’er-do-well’s Debut EP ‘Fun Days’

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Fall Out Boy Meets Motley Crue on Ne’er-do-well’s Debut EP ‘Fun Days’

Five-song set from Austin-based one-man band Bryan Rolli arrives on Sept. 30
‘Fun Days’ album art
Austin, TX’s Ne’er-do-well (the pseudonym of one-man band Bryan Rolli) has announced a September 30th release date for his debut EP ‘Fun Days.’

Ne’er-do-well is the product of Rolli’s hopes, dreams, anxieties and neuroses. (And his riffs. Plenty of those.) The musician wrote and performed every note on ‘Fun Days,’ inspired by the one-man band exploits of Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl and countless other rock stars vastly more famous and talented than him.

The five-song EP is a wry, raucous tour de force of arena rock and pop-punk, combining the decadent aggression of Motley Crue and Guns N’ Roses with the fizzy hooks and whip-smart lyrics of Fall Out Boy and Green Day.

The EP’s first single “Compromise” was released on August 19th and is now available to pre-order here.

Watch for a music video of “Compromise” in the weeks ahead.
Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 3.43.28 PM
Bryan Rolli of Ne’er-do-well (Photo credit: TLC Photography)
Photo: TLC Photography


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