Tiago Carlotto Teams Up With Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk And Funk Songstress Rebecca On “Desce Aqui (Down In LA)”

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New bilingual, club-ready dance track features the Queer Eye star singing in Portuguese.


Brazilian popstar Tiago Carlotto has released his new single, “Desce Aqui (Down in LA)” featuring Emmy-nominated host of Netflix’s Queer Eye, Bobby Berk and Brazilian funk songstress Rebecca, via Panela Rec Latin. The international single is a bilingual, club-ready dance track with roots in Portugal, Brazil and Los Angeles and was helmed by Tiago, who brought the trio together. Listen HERE.

“This song has a very special energy,” stated Tiago. “Since we first recorded it in Lisbon, we knew that there was something powerful there. I am very happy that, at this point in my career, I can show such consistent work to the public. I want to see my music winning people over, bringing a good vibe to their lives – and ‘Desce Aqui’ has that potential.”

Tiago’s excitement for song led him to invite Bobby to lend his vocals, with the Queer Eye star singing in both English and Portuguese on the track. Bobby and Tiago have been friends for six years and started their careers with many similarities – both started singing in their church choirs and were part of bands in their early years. The song is not Bobby’s first foray into music, having released the LGBTQ+ empowerment anthem “Love Is” with Alyssa Kayhill in 2019, as well as having placed as a semi-finalst on the sixth season of FOX’s The Masked Singer in 2021. “Desce Aqui” is Tiago and Bobby’s second collaboration, following “Everybody” in 2019.

“I’ve always had a passion for Brazil and the ‘energia’ of its people,” Bobby stated. When I started hosting Netflix’s Queer Eye, Brazil quickly became one of my biggest followings outside of the U.S. I even decided to take it upon myself to learn some Portuguese to be able to interact with the lovely Brazilians online and to also make traveling to Brazil easier and more fun as well! As I do more in music, teaming up with Tiago and Rebecca to put out a collaboration felt like the natural next step to me. “Desce Aqui” is so fun, flavorful and energetic – just like the beautiful country of Brazil. I hope to be performing alongside Tiago and Rebecca in Brazil very soon!”

More recently, Tiago met – and fell in love with – Rebecca, one of the highlights of this year’s Rock In Rio Lisboa festival. “What Rebecca does for funk is amazing. Also, she is always involved with social causes and that is very important. She is beautiful, dances like hell and is still an activist. I am very happy to partner with her.”

“I am very happy to be part of this project. Hope everybody likes this sound. It is an honor for me to collaborate with Bobby and Tiago,” Rebecca stated.

“Desce Aqui (Down in LA)” is available now to stream on all platforms HERE.

About Tiago Carlotto
Tiago Stanfield Carlotto is a Brazilian singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. His first memories are of singing in the local evangelical church since he was 5 years old in Esteio, Rio Grande do Sul. He moved to California in 2014, moving from Gospel to Pop; from Portuguese to English; and, at the end of 2016, after a long process of learning the new language, he returned to composing. In 2017, Tiago started working with Casey Sullivan at RMC Studios, in Los Angeles and other big names like Peter Raphaelson and Tony Maserati, who worked with artists like Whitney Houston, James Brown, Beyoncé and Usher, among others. After releasing 18 songs together (including “Everybody” with Bobby Berk in 2019), Tiago signed with Panela Rec Latin, which now produces all his new work, including the new track “Desce Aqui (Down In LA),” in Portugal.

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About Bobby Berk
As the resident design expert and member of the Fab Five on Netflix’s Emmy Award-winning series Queer Eye, Bobby Berk brings change to people’s lives by teaching them that a happy home means a happy life. Bobby also served as the host of Netflix’s Blown Away: Christmas and was a semi-finalist on the sixth season of FOX’s The Masked Singer. In addition to his TV work, Bobby leads his eponymous multi-faceted brand, including comprehensive lifestyle destination BobbyBerk.com. His design firm has quickly become a leader in the home building industry, and in 2020, Architectural Digest crowned Bobby as one of the “most famous interior designers working today.” When Bobby is not running his design practice or filming, he spends his time in Los Angeles, where he resides with his husband, Dewey.

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About Rebecca
With only four years of career, the power of the name Rebecca and the numbers accumulated are impressive. At 24, she is one of the more expressive singers in the funk pop scene in Brazil. The artist has hits such as “Barbie,” “Ao Som do 150” and “Tô Preocupada (Calma Amiga)”, which together total more than 75 million plays on Spotify. In 2018, she released the single “Cai de Boca,” which went viral on social media with more than 11 million views on YouTube. Since then, Rebecca has just grown. The singer has already released more than 50 songs on streaming platforms and her 10 most listened to tracks total more than 105 million plays only on Spotify, a platform where she has more than 1.3 million monthly listeners. On YouTube, the video in which she teaches the viral choreography of “Deslizo e Jogo” has almost 50 million views and the artist’s most viewed clip on the platform is “Repara,” with Kevin O Chris and WC on Beat, with 43 million of plays. Another remarkable moment in the artist’s career was the release of the single “Combatchy,” with the brazilians Anitta, Lexa and Luisa Sonza, which surpassed the mark of 205 million views on YouTube and 138 million plays on Spotify. With the success of the single, Rebecca became the first black woman to be at the top of Spotify Brazil’s most listened to songs list. In June 2022, Rebecca gave a new big step in her career: the artist was one of the attractions at Rock in Rio Lisboa, in Portugal.

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About Panela REC
Panela Rec is a music company, which has operational offices in Lisbon, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Los Angeles. The company works in a 360º model, from production to the development and management of artists, to their performance on stages and festivals. Panela Rec stands out for its strong sound signature because it has a production house with an extensive cast of producers and composers, who work directly with the publisher’s catalog, spread across the various studios around the world. Right now, the company is working on some global disks. One of them is the international album by Anselmo Ralph, one of the most renowned Angolan artists, with several international features.

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