The Ruddy Ruckus Releases New Single “Bloodbath”

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“Are you brave enough? Are you out of luck?

Are you praying to God for the flood

Are you desperate, bitter temperament

Thinking life is a bloodbath and that you’d get out if you could.”

I can’t remember a time more challenging than now, in my own personal life, but also in this macro sort of sense. The pandemic lifted the lid on a lot of problems that were percolating under the surface and it seems that most people who made it to the other side of the worst of it are in more precarious conditions than ever before. 

Hear our melancholic, but hopeful song, Bloodbath on streaming platforms now.

I remember putting those words down on paper and recognizing that it was some of the most honest things I had ever said through lyric writing — that feeling of absolute desperation, but making the decision to trudge through the messiness and carry on, even if the future is unclear.

This song is a bit of a departure for us in terms of adding composition styles outside of our regular go to’s. There’s a bit of disco, a bit of Beatles-like harmony, a bit of slide guitar. There’s a lot going on, we really love that “wall of sound”-kind of guitar thing meeting all those little production and compositional elements that gets you moving and grooving. 

We really pushed our limits as a band with what we thought was possible with this one. I guess we want to make people say, “Damn, I love this song. I need this song.” 

Thanks for listening!

The Ruddy Ruckus

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