Rid Of Me Releases Interpol, Shellac Covers

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Sweet Cheetah Publicity*

Rid of Me releases Interpol, Shellac covers

Philadelphia’s Rid of Me (Fight Amp, Low Dose, etc.) released a pair of covers on Friday, August 5. The Philadelphia noise rock quartet tackled Interpol’s “PDA” and Shellac’s “Prayer to God,” which saw releases digitally for pay-what-you-want and as a cassette that the band is sending for free to all the people who donated to help them offset the cost of a van accident we had on tour in April.

Both songs are available via Bandcamp and YouTube

PDA (Interpol cover)

Prayer to God (Shellac cover)

They can be purchased here: https://ridofme.bandcamp.com/album/sleep-tonight 

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