Amora Releases ‘Cutting Teeth’ EP Via Fred Mascherino’s Heading East Records

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Amora releases Cutting Teeth EP via Fred Mascherino’s Heading East Records

Amora (Photo by Nicky Fechtmuller)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based post-hardcore quintet Amora released their Cutting Teeth EP on August 12 via Fred Mascherino’s Heading East Records.
The EP is the result of a songwriting session that found the band locking themselves in a cabin in order to dig deeper and write on a more grandiose scale than they ever had previously. Produced by Fred Mascherino, a musician who has cut his teeth in Breaking Pangaea, Taking Back Sunday, Terrible Things, The Color Fred and more, the effort offers a look at Amora’s cold and erratic side (songs such as “Stay Pony, Golden Boy” and “Shutter”) and delivering hard-hitting instrumentals and vocals that walk the line of melody and ferocity.
“I love the way Amora combines different styles into their brand of hardcore,” Mascherino says. “They had a song where they wrote this busy bassline and their guitarist Tristan told me it was inspired by Anti-Flag.”

“Another song, ‘Shutter,’ has four different members of the band singing lead vocals on it,” he adds. “I just love how they aren’t worried about anything other than getting their vision for the song across. They make super eclectic, but well thought-out, hardcore songs.”

Their video for “Stay Pony, Golden Boy” premiered in April with “Shutter” following in July.

Live Dates:
9/24 Sportsmen’s Cafe, Allentown, PA
11/18 Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA (with The Color Fred)
An October tour is in the works now.
Visit them on social media here:

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