SIMA Releases Official Music Video For “Angel”

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SIMA’S new single “Angel” is out NOW!         
Listen & watch the official video Now!

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Los Angeles, CA –  Israeli/American hard rock solo artist SIMA (Sima Galanti) has released her new single “Angel.”

The song has a heavy rock sound with catchy hooks mixed with heavy guitars, powerful vocals and a distinct keyboard. SIMA’s unique style of writing and her vulnerability takes us on a deep journey as she crafts inspiring and strong messages through her lyrics, always giving us food for thought.  PRESS HERE to stream/download and PRESS HERE to listen via the song’s music video.

“The song is about the push and pulls between dark and light and our perception of who’s good and who’s bad. The Angel and the dark angel, the monster.

When I moved to the US on my own at a very young age, I was removed from my roots, my family, friends and everything that was familiar to me. I felt like I was searching for security, familiarity, something to fill that void, the pain and loneliness that I often felt. Someone to see the real me. 

I was searching for connections and love in the wrong places with the wrong people that often wanted to possess me and dim my light. I felt disconnected from myself, my power and who I truly am.

The song starts with dark lyrics and dark visuals, but it doesn’t stay there, the lyrics progress to something more powerful and inspiring. It’s like my life journey where things started and where they are at this point of my life, which is all about strength and empowerment. 

The song also explores the aspects of being a human being. There is this realization in the song that even if you don’t like someone because of your own personal experience with them, that doesn’t mean that they are monsters or bad people, as we often demonize others. That someone probably has people in their lives that see them in a completely different light, maybe for them, that person is good and pure as an angel.

The song has a positive message and inspires us to be more compassionate and more united, knowing that we are all ONE, we are all connected. We are all going through our own lives, having our own human experiences, our individual journeys and sometimes, we see the world from our own personal experiences, background and perceptions and sometimes, those limit our vision and don’t allow us to grow and expand and be forgiving to others and especially to OURSELVES. It’s inspiring us to open our hearts.”

“It was fun working on this song on all levels of creativity from writing the lyrics to co-producing it with my friend and collaborator, Evan Rodiniche. Some of the original sounds that I used in my post-production stayed in the final version, which was cool.  

Even shooting the music video was a new experience. I shot the footage on my own and produced and directed it myself. 

I love creating different looks and visuals. I did my own hair, make-up and styling. I love the artistic freedom that I have when I’m creating something new, it excites me and I like to experiment and see what I can do next.”

SIMA first came to America with a dream of a better life and freedom to be herself and now ignites rock with an incendiary spirit of her own and powerful messages of positivity and strength. Inspired by everyone from Massive Attack, Bjork and The Cranberries to A Perfect Circle, System of a Down, Pearl Jam, Alanis Morissette and Linkin Park, the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer, and documentarian made her musical debut in 2009 with the single “Breaking Down The Walls” followed by her first full-length album This Is My Truth in 2012 and the EP Beautiful Liar in 2014. With her follow-up singles such as Runaways, which is propelled by a soaring soundtrack of hypnotic hard rock and rousing pop, SIMA hits the ground running at full speed with fists raised, eyes open and heart blazing.

PRESS HERE to hear the hyper-charged, original version alongside its fiery music video and PRESS HERE to listen to a stripped-down, piano-driven acoustic version of “Runaways.”

Sima has also released her own rendition to songs such as the 1984 Madonna classic hit song Material Girl, an edgy version of the 1983 Pat Benatar hit song Love is A Battlefield and The Syndrome by Gray Daze.


“In its flashy and metallic original version, ‘Runaways’ pummels you with power chords and thundering drums while showcasing SIMA’s assertive vocals – a mixture of emphatic pop and commanding rock that combines the poshness of Amy Lee and the roughness of Lita Ford…But when you doff the leather, peel away the chrome and disconnect the power source till there’s nothing left but a piano, an acoustic guitar and SIMA’s raw and vulnerable lyrics, you end up with a dramatic retelling of the same song with surprisingly far more firepower and resonance than the amped-up original.”– American Songwriter

“[SIMA] is a true talent…I’m excited about her musical future. Her interesting but harsh past only serves as the spark for a fire that is burning red hot.” – Sound Vapors

“Empowering doesn’t even come close to how [‘Runaways’] made me feel listening to those words…It exudes so much empowerment and freedom.” – I’m Music Magazine
For more information on SIMA, visit:

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