Borza Releases New Single “As High As You Can Go”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Borza*

Love is often misunderstood and so we tend to sometimes push it away as a way to protect ourselves from possible disappointments. 

Don’t procrastinate with love. The right time to pursue friendship, family, or fall in love is always now. 

The intent of my new song, “As High As You Can Go,” is to remind us that an abundance of love can be possible, so go for it. To keep negative situations out of our lives and use love as our gasoline, that energy gives us the courage to do what we hesitate to do at times and that decision to just go for it can be life-changing. 

As High As You Can Go” is available now on streaming platforms

All the love in your way
And grow as high as you can go 
 Picture: Charlotte G. Ghomeshi
Graphics: Philippe Mathieu

When I first started writing, this was initially a folk song recorded with an acoustic guitar, but I wasn’t feeling it…So at one point I tried a distorted guitar amplifier plug-in directly on the acoustic gtr track that was already recorded. I noticed I had a huge smile, so I decided to follow that feeling and rock this one out a little more because it felt right. 

Thanks for listening,

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