Chicano Shuffle Joins The Growing My Grito Podcast Network

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Los Angeles, CA – Popular Chicano Comedy & Culture podcast Chicano Shuffle, has announced joining the roster of the My Grito Podcast Network. Hosted since 2017 by long-time friends Ramon, Esteban and Fernando, Chicano Shuffle is a “spanglish” podcast for NATIVE SPANGLISH SPEAKERS, but everyone is invited to the party.

The Chicano Shuffle crew says, “We are excited to be joining the My Grito family and hope to do chingón things together. It was important for us to sign with someone that understood our culture and history. My Grito not only understands the culture, but is trying to amplify Latino voices. Raza helping raza, to help us not be silenced or marginalized. En esa línea si nos formamos. We are excited to be a part of that!”

The addition of Chicano Shuffle to the podcast roster continues the growth of the My Grito Podcast Network which also includes Chicano focused podcasts like the Emo Brown: The Saddest Mexican Podcast and The West Coast Poplock Podcast.

About Chicano Shuffle: 

Moved out of the garage, fueled by tacos and the occasional adult beverage… This is Chicano Shuffle. You’re invited to listen every week as the guys hit “record” and let the conversation lead the way.

Listen in as they discuss (in spanglish, of course) life, news, raza and just hang out as compas in Los Angeles.

Is it Funny? Yes, you’ll probably laugh. 

Is it serious? Yes, you might find yourself yelling at a recording from time to time. 

Is it entertaining? Hopefully enough to get you through a work day or through your commute.

Join them on this journey as they shuffle through whatever topics come up.

Welcome to Chicano Shuffle.

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