The Slow Death Release ‘Casual Majesty’ LP Via Rad Girlfriend Records

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Sweet Cheetah Publicity*

The Slow Death releases Casual Majesty LP via Rad Girlfriend Records

Photo by Patrick Houdek

The Slow Death is back with their fourth studio LP, titled Casual Majesty, which sees release via Rad Girlfriend Records. Listen to it here.

Still, a never-ending who’s who of midwestern punk rock royalty, this time around, The Slow Death includes members of Dillinger Four, The Ergs, The Raging Nathans, The Soviettes and the list goes on and on. At the helm of this punk rock, pirate ship is the Captain, Jesse Thorson. 

Drawing on influences of working-class oi anthems, and no coast, pop-punk fury, the album is sometimes rollicking and fun, yet often dark and somber. The Slow Death carved out their own niche of melodic punk over a decade ago and have not eased up for a moment since. Infectious punk anthems like these only come along every so often. Imagine Cock Sparrer meets The Lemonheads. Yeah, it is that good.

Visit The Slow Death here.

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