Dreamer Boy Releases Reflective New Single “HUES”

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(Hollywood, CA) — The unpredictable singer/songwriter Dreamer Boy breaks down the lingering emotions of a breakup on his reflective new single “HUES,” out now via slowplay / Harvest Records. Listen HERE. The brooding alternative-tinged track comes on the heels of his summery acoustic-pop anthem JUMPSHOT!, which showcases the Nashville-based artist’s immense versatility.  

“Seeing your world change around you, being in and out of love and seeing the good and bad from the person you are with is what ‘HUES’ is about,” says Dreamer Boy. “The actual idea of the walls changing colors as you are magnetically connected to a person, but seeing how the good may be slipping away. This song represents the push and pull of that relationship, even after feeling used and only being there for them, you end up back at their place falling into their world again.” 

On “HUES,” Dreamer Boy (born Zach Taylor) captures the fallout of love freshly lost. Opening with a slithery electric riff, he soon reaches for his acoustic, letting loose a vulnerable lament. “I still smell your perfume,” he sings, the familiar fragrance keeping him second-guessing. Even with a ’90s-style record scratch cutting through the mood, the sadness is palpable as the track builds to a dramatic, electrified climax. 

With “HUES,” Dreamer Boy continues to flex his eclectic sonic palette, following “the perfect carefree summer anthem, dripping with nostalgia” of JUMPSHOT!  according to V Magazine and the thrilling synth-pop of OVER EVERYTHING.” Previously, he teamed up with multi-Platinum New Zealand star BENEE on “ARE YOU LETTING GO?,” a captivating collaboration that brings out the ethereal sensibilities of both shapeshifting artists.  

As open and emotional as songs like “HUES” are, it’s been an opportunity to connect with even more hearts and minds. 

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About Dreamer Boy:

​​For Zach Taylor, optimism is a calling. With a smile that hardly ever leaves his face, the 26-year-old songwriter/singer explains that the misty, shape-shifting pop music he’s made for the last few years as Dreamer Boy has been a way of accomplishing a grander aim. “I want to spread love and light and joy,” he says, matter-of-factly. And spread that he’s done, whether on the road with friends Clairo, Omar Apollo and Still Woozy, or on the themes of his 2021 project, All the Ways We Are Together. Dreamer Boy’s sound is eccentric emotive DIY pop at its best evident in tracks like “JUMPSHOT!” and “OVER EVERYTHING.” The now LA-based but Nashville inspired pop virtuoso wrapped up a nationwide tour with BENEE and has more new music to come with the intent on spreading the message of unity and harmony through his artistry.

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