OurGlassZoo Releases New Single “Unforgettable”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By OurGlassZoo*

When we are in between chapters of our lives or feel stuck, a lot of us take a road trip to clear our heads and move on from what has been haunting our past.  

Our new song, Unforgettable, is precisely about that moment: when you are driving down a long winding road through a canyon or a valley, the windows are down and you feel the wind on your skin. You are on your own and finally have time to distance yourself and reflect.  

Listen to Unforgettable on streaming platforms out everywhere now. “Unforgettable” comes from our first full-length album, AftermathListen here.  

“In a valley with no ending

where the wind still calls your name

it’s the haven I was born in

yet it doesn’t taste the same.” 
Photo credit: David Spidell

Musically, we really wanted to approach this album with no particular genre in mind. We wanted our listeners to join us on a musical journey and let each song affect them in their own way. 

The album contains collaborations with Indo-Canadian electronic producer O.K.A, Hip Hop artist Prevail from Swollen Members, guest singer Erin Puckey, a brass section lead by Gavin Grochowski, cellist Jonah Ocean, Keyboard player Tom Dobrzanski (The Zolas) and pianists/composers Sandra Stadler & Baenz Isler. It was a big undertaking with a blend of colors & genres. 

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