JEEN Releases Lyric Video For “Mountain”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By JEEN*

“hey captain, there’s no ration, while you saddle up with my assassin” 

I wrote “Mountain” in early spring 2021 after spending too much time fixating on the irreparable parts of everything… it’s really just a song about trying to let that shit go. musicians on this song are me, Ian Blurton, Robin Hatch and Stephan Szczesniak. 

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there was so much going on out there politically and morally at the time. I had just started releasing a record (Dog Bite) and I was also writing a new one (Tracer, out Oct 21) all while dipping in and out of covid lockdowns…I started getting panic attacks a lot and just needed to chill out. I guess this track was my attempt to try and keep things in perspective.  

“it’s just acid, not magic, no point in getting all dramatic” 

thank you for taking the time to listen, 

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photo cred: Laura Hermiston

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