Kadeema Releases New Single “Lately I’ve Been Hoping”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Kadeema*


Our new song, the first release since our 2020 debut EP, Napoleon Tornapart, was written in 2020, when we didn’t get to see much of anyone other than each other. 

We couldn’t do anything we love doing outside with people, so in a way this was our only escape. “Lately I’ve Been Hoping” is about feelings of frustration that are conquered by perseverance and patience.

Take a listen to “Lately I’ve Been Hoping,” produced by Isaac Carpenter (AWOLNATION) on your favourite platform.

We want you to know that you’re not alone and that we’re in the same boat, experiencing the same feelings and pains. 

Turn around, put the knives away 

We wrote this line in reference to how much more divided as a society we have become, especially during 2020. 

Whether it was social/political issues, or just due to the prolonged isolation, we felt like the world forgot how to just talk and listen instead of fighting each other.

We chose to use an image of a golden, glowing dragonfly for the single artwork as in many cultures the dragonfly represents healing, rebirth and courage.

We hope you find solace and comfort in this song.

Thanks for your time,


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