Future Teens Share New Single “Same Difference,” Out Now Via Triple Crown Records

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“[“Guest Room”] is an excellent, punchy and increasingly explosive guitar banger.”
“[The music of Future Teens]  is firmly grounded in the everyday. Feelings are felt viscerally and observed wryly. Sadness is not a burden to be transcended, but an existential state to be analyzed, gently mocked, even wallowed in. This is the kind of music that wants to sweep you away. The kind of music that wants to make you feel.”
“From beginning to end, ‘Deliberately Alive’ is full of nuanced self-introspection, acknowledging life’s difficulties, while also celebrating all the reasons we have to enjoy being alive.”
Boston-based emo-pop-rock quartet Future Teens share the first taste of what’s to come with new single, “Same Difference” via Triple Crown Records.

After forming in 2014, Future Teens have been on the rise. Though 2020 halted their ascent, the group has maintained their momentum and are ready to re-introduce themselves in 2022. The four-piece is made up of guitarists/vocalists Amy Hoffman (they/he) and Daniel Radin (he/him), drummer Colby Blauvelt (he/him) and bassist Maya Mortman (she/her), who come together to make self-proclaimed “bummer pop” – a concoction of earnest, explosive and vulnerable emo-rock-tinged pop with pounding drums, glistening guitar riffs and irresistible melodies. 

With their sly, self-aware lyricism and upbeat cathartic bangers, the band has caught the attention of several notable tastemakers like Atwood MagazineStereogum, Boston’s WBURwho wrote the band “makes sadness sound like fun,” Substream Magazine and more. This release marks their triumphant return as they expand on the foundation they’ve built, remaining true to themselves, with their signature confessional relatability yet evolving in their sound, which grows as they do.

“Same Difference” explores the idea of a soulmate, as Radin constructed the track around advice he once got from his sister. Radin explains, To me, the concept of a soulmate is fun, but not true. The closest thing is someone who shares or complements your differences. Finding that person is an entire journey itself.” Radin continues, “‘Same Difference’ was born partially from this. Years ago, I asked my sister what’s different about her partner than past relationships. What makes it work? She said, ‘he calls me out on my bullshit.’ Making space for someone who you can be vulnerable around and yet still trust to hold you accountable is a difficult thing to find.” A balance between vulnerability, accountability and having fun reflects much of what Future Teens achieve with their breezy, emotionally-charged and raw optimism packaged into smooth chord progressions and biting songwriting.

“Same Difference” out everywhere now, ushers in the newest iteration of Future Teens where they examine what it means to find and maintain a fulfilling relationship. It offers an encouraging way forward when much of the past has been unfulfilling. The rising band promises there is plenty in store. Find Future Teens on InstagramTwitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date.
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Photo Credit: Adam Parshall  
Future Teens Bio 

2020 was poised to be Future Teens’ breakout year. After releasing their sophomore LP ‘Breakup Season,’ cosplaying as Carly Rae Jepsen and zeroing on the romantic longing of fans worldwide, the Boston quartet was rising. While such a hard stop was part of every band’s story in 2020, the momentum hadn’t left the group — guitarists/vocalists Amy Hoffman (they/he) and Daniel Radin (he/him), drummer Colby Blauvelt (he/him) and bassist Maya Mortman (she/her) — straying too far from their central heartline. ‘Deliberately Alive,’ their blustery follow-up EP, is Future Teens at their most explosive and earnest, showcasing a band in between journal volumes.

Fans of the band’s confessional tone will hear it ring throughout, regardless of the messenger. When Hoffman’s lead vocalist, you get “Guest Room,” a strutting emo-pop moment where there’s more than just the first of the month living rent-free in their head. Radin’s turn brings “Play Cool,” a vignette of gig life and the fallouts that can occur during a local opener’s set. Both deliver the classic Future Teens formula: open on a slice of East Coast life, sprinkle in some anxiety and self-facing critique and let the band surge beneath. Winking one-liners characterize both Radin’s “Separated Anxiety,” which crackles the release to life and Hoffman’s “Bizarre Affection,” featuring a starburst of an intro that disintegrates into another night alone.

But as Future Teens knows, there’s an after implied in all of these uneasy, warped presents—make sure you stick around for Future Teens’ latest reimagining of a pop song. This time, it’s Cher’s “Believe.”
Photo Credit: Adam Parshall  
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