Viral TikTok Star In The Making TX2 Is Fostering A Deep Connection With His Fans Known As ‘The X Movement’

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Viral Tik Tok Star In The Making TX2 Is Fostering A Deep Connection With His Fans Known As The ‘X Movement’
Ft Collins Musician Is Bringing Awareness To Mental Health & Creating A Safe Space For Those In Need
Rising out of the shadows of a small town known for music, Fort Collins. TX2 brings an unmatchable intensity in his music through powerful raw lyrics and his explosive performances. After building a loyal fanbase in his hometown, TX2 moved to Miami, Florida, to pursue his dreams of singing and songwriting and start a hip hop program at the University of Miami.

After struggling for so many years as an artist, TX2 used his struggles as fuel and found his sound. As a result, his music went viral on Tik Tok and he now has 335K+ followers on the platform. TX2 has since begun a movement known among his fans known as the “X Movement,” which is all about bringing awareness to mental health and creating a safe space for those in need to talk. The movement currently has 1.4K+ members and is growing everyday, providing a platform to speak about mental health, vent and supporting one another. TX2 wants everyone to know they are not alone in their struggles.
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