Starter Jackets (Members Of Hospital Job, Attic Salt, etc.) Release ‘Dead Malls’ LP For Rad Girlfriend Records

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Sweet Cheetah Publicity*

Starter Jackets (members of Hospital Job, Attic Salt, etc.) release ‘Dead Malls’ LP for Rad Girlfriend Records

Rad Girlfriend Records have released Starter Jackets’ forthcoming LP, Dead Malls, on May 20. Pre-order it here.

The band recently premiered “In Smithereens” from the record at IDIOTEQ with vocalist/guitarist Luke McNeill saying, “‘In Smithereens’ is pretty self-explanatory. I wrote it in 15 minutes after me and the misses both were suffering through one of the worst hangovers. It was one of those ‘I’m never drinking again this is stupid’ kind of Sundays. It didn’t stick obviously.” 

Starter Jackets, who formed in 2016 in a practice space near the interstate in Springfield, Illinois, features members of Hospital Job, The Copyrights, Attic Salt and Local Drags. They all figured two to three bands a piece wasn’t enough – better do another one. Fred Malcom plays drums, Carter Bibb plays bass while McNeill and Lanny Durbin split vocals and guitars. The band plays power pop/punk songs about dead technology and classic sports team logos.

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