MUNROE Releases Video For “Don’t Rush To Get Old”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By MUNROE*

Photo by Brittany Carmichael

Don’t Rush To Get Old is the title of my new song.  I wrote it at the end of something that meant a lot to me. I sat down to write what I thought would be a song with some edge, or regret, or bargaining. But all that came out was this well-wishing. Just love.

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This one’s a cozy song, even though there’s some longing in it. Forcing a song just slightly out of the natural vocal range adds a bit of ache, a bit of yearning and producer Benjamin Schwab (Drugdealer, Golden Daze) really understood that it’s what the song needed. 

I co-directed the video with my girlfriend, Sophie Blumenthal, available to watch below. We set out to find the Richard Serra sculpture, Shift, on a field in King City, Ontario. 

The song is a gentle ask: to slow down and love the entirety of yourself or something else, even and especially in moments of failure. I realize that might sound trite or platitudinal, but I’m finding that some platitudes resonate these days. 

Thank you xx


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