Countless Thousands Release Official Video For “Fat Cat”

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Countless Thousands

And the Triumph of Justice 

8 January 2021
Glendale, CA-based Punk Rock Misfits Countless Thousands returned with trademark wit, untethered enthusiasm and serious hooks to match on bold new rock opera album …And The Triumph of Justice, released on 01/08/2021.

From the Artist:

Punk rock meets Americana meets turn-of-the-century unionist calls for justice, this is our official statement about the American Moment. It was recorded under quarantine entirely in two kitchens – not counting the incredible, intercontinental contributions of the inimitable Professor Elemental on “Space Nazis Must Die!” We, as a people, have many asses to kick and we, as a band, are psyched to link arms with the rest of you in the joining of the kicking off asses. Solidarity forever, Union of Asskickers!

Also, there aren’t enough badass Hanukkah songs and we wanted to supply that deficiency.

So far, four tracks from the album have been released.

Listen on Spotify:

Fat Cat (Sept 4, 2020)
Space Nazis Must Die! (Oct 2, 2020)
Game Change (Nov 1, 2020)
Lazar Wolf (Dec 10, 2020)

More Info:

Artist Name: Countless Thousands
Location: Glendale, CA
Release Title: …And the Triumph of Justice
Release Date: 01/08/2021
Label: Independent

Musician Names/Instruments:

Davey Munch – Bass;
Light Return – Gtr/Vox/Recording;
Danger Van Gorder – Vox/Gtr

Producer Name(s): Light Return

Similar/RIYL: Against Me!, The Aquabats, Green Day, Riverboat Gamblers, Say Anything
Genre(s): Rock, Punk, Indie Rock


The Triumph of Justice
Game Change
Space Nazis Must Die! (Feat Professor Elemental)
Star Spangled Banner On The Moon
The Rat
Solidarity Forever
Parks Unknown
The Triumph of Intermission
Fat Cat
Lazar Wolf
Murder Assassins From The Future
Parts Oiknown
Hard Times (Come Again No More) [by Stephen Foster]
Can’t Quit
The Triumph of Justice (Reprise)

Press Quotes:

“…Practically revelling in the kind of anthemic, clean-but-charging commercial indie that might as well be arena rock with lots of smiles more than lots of explosions.” – Ned Raggett, OC Weekly

“Somewhere out there, the family of Indie/Punk/Rock/Metal music lost their bastard love child… raucous, but harmonious at the same time.” – William Thompkins, Live Music In Austin

“Three guys beating the crap out of rock n’ roll! Their music is energetic, original, manic and often tongue-in-cheek. They epitomise what punk rock should sound like in the 20th century. They are totally unpretentious and brand a rhythm section second to none, indie and major label artists included… We highly recommend this band regardless of your taste in rock.” – Rick Jamm, Jamsphere


– Theme Song for Unpopular Opinion Podcast with thousands of listens each week

– Danger actually ran for local office four months after releasing 2016’s You’re Goddamn Right and is an elected delegate to (and firey critic) of the California State Democratic Party- 300% Funded on Kickstarter in 2016, selected as a “Projects We Love”

– Our Patreon is supporting the writing of a punk rock musical while Danger goes to grad school and raises a toddler

– Sang backup vocals on the Grammy-winning Portugal. The Man album Woodstock


Official Website:
Twitter: @Countless1000s
YouTube Channel:

Artist Biography:

How do you create a style-bending, storytelling celebration of Enthusiasm? Take a show choir reject who was never cool enough for punk rock, throw him a rockabilly axe and have him cash in on all the poetry classes. Take an East Coast jazz legend and tell him to lay off the weirder chords and step up the distortion. Take a cosplay nerd and give him +2 Charisma and +5 Vocalwork. Mix well in sunny Glendale, CA, in a strange moment of American neurosis and you get theatricality without pretense, virtuosic musicianship somehow stuffed into catchy rock anthems and acidic social and political commentary straight from the front lines of collective action.

They might play indie rock, or geek rock, or punk, or ‘Theatrepunk’ (probably their favorite label), or dirty rock & roll or some fuzzed-up gypsy-jazz-rock, but at the center of that genre hurricane is a technical understanding, a lyrical prowess and an enthusiasm that cannot be denied. These nerds love what they do and they relish the opportunity to celebrate the stuff they love every chance they get. Besides, why settle for songs about getting your heart broke when you can write a song about your drummer being shot into space to defeat Astro-Hitler?

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