Xeno Ooze Release New EP

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Xeno Ooze release new EP


Band: Xeno Ooze
Album: Slimewave
Format: EP (Digital & Physical)
Release date: December 18th, 2020
Genre: Grindcore, death metal, death grind
Based in Arizona, USA

Bandcamp – Instagram – Facebook

Xeno Ooze is a three-piece hive-minded grindcore outfit from the scorching Sonoran deserts of Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2018 by ex-members of Glitterbomb and Drogheda, Xeno Ooze weaves elements of death metal, crust, power violence and oozing science fiction into a sludgy conglomerate of mach-speed blasting, pummeling riffs and gutturals from the maws of The Old Ones themselves. Slimewave continues the aesthetic of their 2019 debut “Parasligm Shift” by remaining consistent in their toxic choice of artwork and subverting the expectations of grind.

The 10-song sophomore EP ‘Slimewave’ was released physically through Bloody Scythe Records on cassette tape, preorders available Dec 18th, 2020. The EP is available digitally through Bandcamp and all major streaming services the same day.

(Other projects featuring Xeno Ooze members: THORNHemdale)

Mixed and Mastered by Prey For Death Productions


Artwork by Arifullah Ali


1. Deus Ex Machinooze (2:49)
2. Gouroborus (3:29)
3. Root & Phlegm (2:33)
4. Gnarciscyst (2:21)
5. Interlude (2:06)
6. Ooze it or Lose it (3:01)
7. Thy Kingdom Scum (3:19)
8. Radical Putrefaction (1:45)
9. Swillbirth (0:48)
10. Nauseam A.D. (3:16)

Xeno Ooze is:

Oozimus Slaximus: Seer & Prophet of Slime
Father Fungus: Archbishop of the Unholy Ooze
Sludgehammer Slimeblast: God of Goo

Reviews from the Xeno Ooze previous release ‘Parasligm Shift’ (2019)

“This band’s weapon of choice crosses elements of Grindcore and Death Metal, but it’s safe to place them much closer to the grind time side of that particular spectrum (maybe with a little Rhythm and Ooze). Their sound is brutally bestial, coldly technical, and in some ways… purposefully sloppy as hell.”
– The Circle Pit

“This band has their fingers on the pulse of disgusting creatures from the outer limits.”
– Cvlt Nation

“Imagine what would happen if you could buy bags of death metal, crust, grindcore and powerviolence at your local market, throw big handfuls of all that stuff into a blender, liberally lubricate it with alien blood fresh from the refrigerators at Area 51, spice up the mix with amphetamines and lysergic acid, puree the shit out of it, and then chug it straight down without breathing. Sound good? Actually, you don’t have to tax your imaginations, you just have to listen to Parasligm Shift, the debut album by the deviant three-piece Phoenician band Xeno Ooze. “ – No Clean Singing

“It’s a great mix of sound that has gone into making this album. There is several different elements gone into the sound, there is a blend of Slamming Death Metal and Grindcore, and it works.”
– Metal-Temple

“If you couldn’t already tell, I’m somewhat excited about this new project and hyped to hear what they might have in store for us in future (hopefully longer) releases as well. It’s an above average first outing as far as the genre is concerned.” – Metal Trenches

“It’s frantic, well-played and undeniably savage” – Collective Zine

“If you like Slugdge‘s thematic, but wished they grind’d n slam’d rather than shined n slimed, then Xeno Ooze is made for you.” – Toilet Ov Hell

“Xeno Ooze are clearly having fun and know how to write some grind-your-entire-head-off jams… Oozimus, Sludgehammer and Father Fungus are serious craftsmen.” – Your Last Rights

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