Grace Gillespie Releases Video For “Song For Nick Drake”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Grace Gillespie*


My parents bought me a book about Nick Drake for Christmas and for some reason, I started reading it from the back. I already knew the outline of his story, having grown up listening to his music, but this book really delved into the details of his last days: his parents patiently documenting Nick’s (few) words and moods, his failed trips into London to record.  

It is an absolutely tragic story and one that moves me every time I hear it – each time I think about it. 

I didn’t plan to write a song for him, yet the words came very quickly: a homage to a beautiful man who was too delicate, too quiet, too aware for this world. “Song For Nick Drake” is the latest single to be shared from my EP, After The Harvest Moon, which you can hear in full now.

This song captures the idea that we, as a human race, can be too loud and too uncaring to notice the real beauty of things. It makes me fearful as things get brighter, louder and faster that we will lose the slow, intricate quietness of raw craft.

After The Harvest Moon was born out of a turn inwards last year, as I spent much of 2019 struggling with a serious anxiety disorder. The pandemic has brought my personal experience to universal relevance. 

This has been a difficult period, but I hope this collection can bring you comfort and a sense of recognition. I feel that these songs have come into their own within this current atmosphere. 

Grace Gillespie

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