Yes Nice Releases Official Music Video For “Few Words To Say”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Yes Nice*

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Alberta is at times quite polarized in its social and political realities. Finding a voice in that environment can be a struggle. Our new song, “Few Words To Say,” was inspired by contemplating learning to speak in this context.

We juxtaposed this with a mood of insecurity felt on the dancefloor, working up one’s nerve to join in and let go.

Watch the official “Few Words To Say” music video on YouTube now.

This song features on our brand new album, Eternal Flame, which is out now. We live in Edmonton and you have to stay warm somehow throughout the winter. Our recording gear has provided substantial heat to us during these long, cold months.

Few Words To Say,” just like all of our songs, was self-produced. Songwriting and recording for us has always been an experiment where capturing anything more than a feeling here or there is tangential at best. Our recording experience is an unending, continual process.

As you listen to this song, we hope it reminds you that amidst the polarized conversations in these late days of capitalism, there are still moments of rupture when and where we dance.

Thank you for listening,

Yes Nice 

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