French Acid-Fuzz/Psych/Stoner Rock Duo Electric Jaguar Baby Reissue Deluxe Edition Of Its Debut S/T Album

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French Acid-Fuzz/Psych/Stoner-Rock duo Electric Jaguar Baby reissue Deluxe edition of its debut S/T album // Out now on LP & Digital through El Diablo Records & Slice Of Wax Records!
“Lords Of Altamont hitting Black Sabbath and the Fuzztones head on … We hope it doesn’t stop there.”

(Music In Belgium, 2020)

In order to celebrate the 1st anniversary of their debut S/T album, Parisian Acid-fuzz/stoner/psych rockers ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY reissued this record on a Deluxe digital edition with four bonus tracks available right now on Bandcamp.

In other news, the album is still available on CD, LP, tape & Digital through their own imprint El Diablo Records and the German label Slice Of Wax Records.
 Stream | Buy the S/T Deluxe edition on Bandcamp 
 …For the record…

Since their birth in 2015 in Paris, ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY have no-stop praised the cult of fuzz, offering it tracks born from a gang-bang with Ty Segall, Josh Homme, Jack White and Ozzy Osbourne, sprinkled with retro and occult 70’s vibes.

Kitschy shirts and a Big Muff (volume on 11) are enough the fire up the stage, their favourite playground. four European tours in three years, with groups like Go! Zilla, Black Rainbows, You said strange, the Butcherettes, ZigZags, Death Valley Girls, & L.A Witch.

The jaguars are pumped up : three EP in 3 years too, all done following their one-hundred percent DIY beliefs, they release a fan- financed first vinyl in June 2018 (‘The EP Compilation’) on their own record label : El Diablo Records.

Their determination takes them to their first album, which bares their name. After a year of recording and relentless work, it sees light of day in October 2019. A rock-hard 9-track album, spiced up with fuzz and awesome guests on vocals : Bonnie Bloomgarden from Death Valley Girls, Gabriel Ravera from Mephistofeles, Marko from Watkins / 7 Days Before & Eddie from Trailer.

For fans of DFA1979, Queens Of The Stone Age, Ty Segall… 
 Buy CD/LP + merch from EJB 

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