Fúnebre Releases Lyric Video From His EP ‘The Void’

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Fúnebre releases lyric video from his EP “The Void”.
Colombian post-Black metal act Fúnebre have published a lyric video for the track “Old Dimensions,” which is taken off from “The Void” EP, released in 2020 by HateWorks. This is an introspective and reflective song, driven by eclectic guitars and melancholic melodies.

The video was produced by HateWorks’ in-house creative department, HateWorks OPS, with original footage shot by the band and the label team. It is a reflection on loneliness through nihilistic and misanthropic landscapes, closely following the concept of the EP.

Watch the video at this location: https://youtu.be/K1JH-GbYS1g



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