Favvkes Releases Official Music Video For “BLACK DOVE”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Favvkes*

I found inspiration for my debut single “Black Dove” in my journey through life. Getting through all the hardships and using them as fuel for my success and growth as a person. It’s about taking all that pain, and turning it into love, ‘cause what else are we going to do to survive?

Like a bird breaking free from a cage, the name Favvkes was inspired by a phoenix rising from the ashes. There’s an ancient myth about two high priestesses in Ancient Egypt who were taken captive. They turned into black doves in order to escape and founded a powerful sisterhood of Oracles. They would shapeshift into birds, had a great connection to the Earth and their senses and through these senses could access levels of illumination and sensitivity that are unheard of in this world.

Produced by Thomas McKay (Joydrop), you can hear “Black Dove” now on SoundCloud.


I love the lyric “Don’t look, they say I’m a witch / Don’t care, got the wind blowing in my hair.” Some people turn a blind eye to the things that make them uncomfortable in life, but there is so much power inside us that we have yet to harness. By reclaiming my independence from other people’s opinions of me, I realize adversity can actually be my biggest strength. There is beauty and bliss in living my truth.

Just wait ‘til you see the Black Dove music video. 


thanks for listening,

f a vv k e s

pronounced « fox »

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