NEW LANGUAGE Smacks Self-Inflicted Hypocrisy On New Single “Stuck With Yourself”

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NEW LANGUAGE Smacks Self-Inflicted Hypocrisy On New Single “Stuck With Yourself”

Title Track Off Sophomore LP
Track Added To Spotify’s ‘All New Rock’ & ‘New Noise’ Playlists, plus Knotfest’s ‘Pulse of the Maggots’
Photo: Gentle Giant Digital (Anthony Duty & Alex Soto)
“Stuck With Yourself” is the title and priority track off of NEW LANGUAGE’s sophomore LP ‘Stuck With Yourself.’ It is arguably the most head-turning track the band has put out to date, due to the alternative shift in tones, drum beat and songwriting style.

The track’s title – “Stuck With Yourself” and encompassing lyrical content is ironically more timely than ever, despite being written prior to quarantine. Leaning into the current universally relatable nature, the band seeks out meaning within it all.

“Stuck With Yourself,” both song and album, is produced by NEW LANGUAGE’s singer Tyler Demorest. The concept for which was born after witnessing a friend continuously keeping him/herself in a toxic situation despite obvious solutions being provided. The band ran with a theme of “Munchausen syndrome,” which is a disorder wherein those affected pretend to be affected by disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves.

“Stuck With Yourself” also has an internal exploration element to it with the lyrics, “At the end of the day, you only have yourself…so you better be happy with who you are and what you do. You have to control your own destiny, in a sense.”

This song, while being a serious matter, at times carries a sarcastic tone, that is on display through self-loathing visuals in the music video. “Love the stress, the feeling I get, when everyone keeps telling me that I’m still depressed. It’s nothing. I’m fine. It’s your problem not mine. Everyone (else) is crazy, don’t try to change my mind.”

The LA-based band was selected for inclusion on the Spotify editorial playlists New Noise, Hard Rock, Totally Alternative, The Scene, Alternative Noise and more. They’ve received praise from Loudwire, Alternative Press, Kerrang and hit #1 on KROQ ‘Locals Only.’ NEW LANGUAGE performed at DWP’s Aftershock Festival in Sacramento with TOOL, Blink 182, Bring Me The Horizon, Slipknot and more. The band also appeared on the LA date of Warped Tour and has toured nationally with The Used for the 15 Year Anniversary tour.
Praise for New Language

“…if played on a proper sound system, would probably register on the Richter scale.”- Buzzbands.LA

“The urgent anthem, which incorporates elements of synth-pop into New Language’s punchy sound, takes on the everyday stresses of modern life — from work to social media — that keep us busy and distracted from more important concerns, such as taking care of ourselves. The video, shot in vertical format and portraying an array of people all singing along and expressing their anxiety, underscores the theme.”- Revolver

“Brings it way loud…Reminiscent of early Thrice, while the weight of the bass and drums shoots a nod to Queens of The Stone Age.”- Alternative Press

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