SONI Releases New Single “Savage” Feat. Izzy Austin

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SONI ft Izzy Austin


Buttercuts Records 

25 September 2020
Rising California-based Soul/Pop/R&B Artist SONI has a voice big enough to give you goosebumps and get you moving at the same time. Rich with emotion and schooled in groove, SONI brings an authentic modern take on pop, rhythm and soul. Self-described as a ‘corner shop girl singing of freedom,’ SONI has released her three-song Rebel Star EP via London’s Buttercuts Records. Her third and final single from the EP is called “Savage” (ft Izzy Austin).

Born in the UK and raised stateside, Soul/Pop/R&B artist SONI has overcome the blues with soulful sounds and lyrics of optimism. She writes of immigration issues, loss of loved ones and how the love of friends and family make life worth it all.

Her love for music starts with disco and old skool hip hop and she started singing in a gospel choir in her teens, challenging the brown girl stereotype. At the age of 18, she sang in a small choir with Lurine Cato (winner of 2013 Mobo) in a local church. Soni also worked with DJ Phoenix on East Side Records on a Garage tune called “Sunshine” released in 2001. Soni had received a Prince’s Trust Award and worked with London Arts and City Showcase before leaving for the USA to care for her father, who sadly passed and was not able to come back to UK for many years.

Her musical family brought her back to the UK to finish recording this EP Rebel Star. Influenced by the sights and sounds around her, this EP features three tracks merging the sounds of dance, hip hop and pop.

Listen to “Savage” on Spotify.

Artist Name: SONI
Location: Huntington Beach California USA
Label: ButterCuts
Producer Name(s): Andrew Oury
Similar/RIYL: Adele, Aretha Franklin
Genre(s): Soul, Pop R&B
Tracklist: Happy to Serve, Dance With Me, Savage
Websites :
Instagram: 1111starpower

About Buttercuts Records:

Buttercuts Records, based out of London, has been bashing out buttery beats since 2000 been deep.Releasing hip hop, reggae, breaks, funk and soul records by artists such as Kool Keith, Spragga Benz, General Levy, Rodney P, Illaman and The Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench. Their last release was the Chiliagon by Spragga Benz was a no. 1 reggae Billboard smash hit for 2019.

It’s simply a matter of time you cast aside the musical margarine and discover the real ButterCuts.

“In a world of bullsh*t… music is all that matters.” 

Artist Biography:

SONI has seen more pain than most in life. American, British, Indian, a refugee now living in Orange County LA, but has spent equal time in London.

She has just recently lost her only sibling brother Sunil to liver failure and her Father, leaving only her and her mother.

“But yet, she is probably the most positive human being I have ever met. Full of nothing but hope, positivity and love. And when she sings I hear emotion and beauty stream from her soul out of her mouth.” says Buttercuts Records labelhead Andy Oury.

She formerly sang for Buttercuts Records band “The Pistachios,” “a thirteen-piece bucket of funk” Evening Standard.

In 2019, Soni travelled to Las Vegas and then to LONDON led by the Buttercuts team: Rebel ACA – vocals/producing … French Monkey Wrench – writing/all instruments/production, Alex Hamilton – trumpet, David Rogers – guitar keys, Paul Fowler – drums, and Ben Laidlow guitar keys). They recorded around eight ideas and finished the first three up in London several months later.

The song “Savage” speaks to all the women in the world fighting past the dark challenges of life and making it while the track “Happy to Serve” reminds of the angst of being the shopkeeper’s daughter.

“Yeah, I’m that girl from around the way, the one pops tried to hide.. Cuz he didn’t want me to get into trouble.”

“Dance with Me” is the song that hopes for the future and tells a story of returning to songwriting after a very dark season of no music with Soni’s beloved artist family.

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