MONOWHALES Release Official Video For “New Threads”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By MONOWHALES*


Artwork by Amy V White

I produced the demo for “New Threads” while lying on my bed during a post-tour depression at the end of 2019. This is MONOWHALES bedroom pop at its finest. To me, our new single is about living with a very idealist philosophy, striving for the impossible, rather than accepting myself for who I am. Jordan’s lyric resonates, “way back in school we were the up and coming / but ever since it’s been the past that’s running me down / now I’m thinking that it’s time I turn it around,” since it always felt like we were literally in school together. This was a timely lyric as a band, initiating many big changes that allowed us to move forward from our baggage and start to really grow up together. —Zach

Stream “New Threads” where you prefer listening, from Tunnel Vision out this fall.

Watch and share the official video now.

Zach, Sally, Jordan (L to R) by Becca Hamel

“New Threads” is centered around coming of age, but not as a teenager—as an adult in your 20s. When I listen to this song, I remember that I get told again and again, ‘be yourself’ or ‘people love you for who you are,’ but no one really talks about how hard that is to actually do. It’s been a long road trying to get comfortable in this skin and I still don’t understand it completely because I know that it’s constantly changing. What is nice though at this point in my life is that I feel a bit more settled into myself. It’s not as confusing and terrifying as it used to be. —Sally

When I was young, I always thought about adulthood as the feeling of being ‘finished’ or ‘complete.’ It’s somehow both freeing and disappointing to reach a certain age and realize that you’re never done learning. Zach’s lyric “call me a disaster but maybe I just found my groove” hit me like a freight train when I first heard it. I felt like it perfectly summarized the feeling of trying to build a good life out of the rubble of your past failures. It’s an incredibly hopeful sentiment that doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the pain that comes with real growth. —Jordan


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