Melted Wings Releases New Album ‘Cheer For The Deer’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Melted Wings*

My new album as Melted Wings, is entitled Cheer for the Deer

The LP features “Deep Scars,” a mysterious and dark song about the narrator overcoming emotional trauma and the challenges they are facing. Despite making them stronger, there are still deep scars that they are living with. 

Watch the accompanying visuals to the dark, 80s synth pop-inspired single, “Deep Scars,” on YouTube

My new self-produced album, Cheer For The Deer, is a metaphor for humanity, it follows the story of a deer being oblivious to the fact that it’s being hunted and not knowing that it could be its last day of life. Ultimately, it is about the hope of survival, rooting for the underdog and never giving up.

Thanks for listening. 

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I’ve seen the light feed the Darkness of Night
I’ve seen the light feed the dark kiss of Night 

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