AIR APPARENT Releases Summery Electro-Pop Track & Video “100%” Featuring ÊMIA Out Now

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Artwork credit: Lauren Lee
“With a combination of singles and EPs dating back to 2017, the growth in his production skills and level of creativity is recognisable. Every time you tune into an AIR APPARENT track you are instantly transported to his synth-based magical world.”
“Keep an eye out for AIR APPARENT’s hot production as well as whichever rising star he links up with next.”
“The feathery tune [“All By Yourself”] delicately draws listeners in with shining synths and rich, silky vocals…What is so unique about AIR APPARENT’s offering is that there is something so empowering in the liberation and optimism of it all.”
“…charming, wistful music is so striking and intricate, making it a true joy to listen to. With everything he does he captures a raw magic…”
Photo credit: Joyce Charat
Rising San Francisco-based DJ and producer, AIR APPARENT, releases his bouncy new single and accompanying video, “100%” featuring ÊMIA, out everywhere now.

The single will be followed by the optimal poolside soundtrack–a collection of light and bright tracks, culminating in the 12-track LP, Chromatic featuring appearances from vocalists like Constance, Kcdeeya, GESS, Ellie Jones and more, coming just in time for summer.

Over a catchy beat, Indian-American dance musician, Neil Sethi (aka AIR APPARENT), explores the nuances of a failed fling that could have been meaningful if only both parties were willing to put in the effort and commit.

“100%,” mixed by Brent Kolatalo (Mark Ronson, One Republic) and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Emily Lazar (Sia, Maggie Rogers), channels AIR APPARENT’s signature light, airy sound combined with his relatable, raw lyricism, continuing on his streak of releases that one cannot possibly get enough of. Describing “100%,” AIR APPARENT says, “I wrote “100%” with one of my favorite writing partners Teresa Tuan and Anh Le (ÊMIA) in Brooklyn. We were talking about the nearly universal experience of someone we know, may have dated, or may have briefly had a thing with trying to slide back into our messages. We’ve all experienced it – when one person is willing to give everything for someone while that someone has remained unwilling to commit. Weeks, months, or even years later, somehow that someone always comes back around with a change of heart…when it’s far too late.”

The track’s accompanying video, directed by Mood Infinite (Jeff Wu) and Kelsey Tang, brings AIR APPARENT into a lush sanctuary where time stops and the relationship becomes imaginary, filled with textured glitches mixed with an ominous version of reality.

“​The visuals behind “100%” follows a girl who retreats into a sanctuary of memories with her former partner, but finds that what she thought was love was really a delusion,” explains Wu. “To counter the upbeat and anthemic energy of AIR APPARENT’s “100%,” we wanted to highlight the turbulence of the relationship reflected in the lyrics.”

The video incorporates digital glitches of the actors to mirror the disconnect in the relationship. “We merged throwback digital textures and a fantastical location to transport viewers into a space where time stands still — eerie and charming was the vibe we were aiming for.”


The track also features a rap verse from rising artist Reo Cragun. AIR APPARENT adds, “It wasn’t until late stages that we realized a rap part would really take it to the next level. I was super lucky to connect with Reo Cragun, an amazing rapper and songwriter offline, and he was down to build out a rap section to expand the song. Reo’s verse added both melodic elements and added a whole new dimension to the story, sharing a self-reflective take on how “the other person” in the story might feel after it didn’t work out with the main character.”


Drawing additional inspiration from a variety of artists and genres such as James Blake, Japanese Breakfast and Vampire Weekend, AIR APPARENT continues to boldly fuse together a myriad of genres. The way guitar tones are incorporated and woven into the production has become a signature part of AIR APPARENT’s sound, and recently allowed him to dabble into the realms of electro-pop and indie, echoing the likes of CHVRCHES and Purity Ring.


“100%” is the follow up release to the 2021 single “All By Yourself,” featuring Krysta Youngs and Julia Ross, which sheds some light on his future as an artist, now with over 145,000 Spotify streams. It was the first release after his sophomore EP, Color Dreams, in 2019 and his momentous single “three strikes” with DAVVN in 2020, which has garnered over 115,000 streams on Spotify. Originating from Atlanta, GA, AIR APPARENT found himself mixing in eclectic themes of hip-hop, Bollywood tunes and pop punk making it easily accessible for him to transport any listener into a realm they have yet to experience. Notion noted AIR APPARENT’s ability to create an otherworldly experience for the listener, writing, “Every time you tune into an AIR APPARENT track you are instantly transported to his synth-based magical world.” Today, AIR APPARENT boasts almost 60,000 monthly listeners, surely with many more to come.

“100%” featuring ÊMIA is the perfect warm, sunny soundtrack pre, mid, or post-summer fling, and it’s out everywhere now. Don’t miss what’s next from AIR APPARENT, as he continues to shake up the dance-pop landscape with upcoming LP Chromatic out this summer and connect with the musician on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
Photo credit: Gianni Gallant 

AIR APPARENT is a project from the mind of Indian-American dance musician Neil Sethi, who began crafting and releasing tracks in 2016. Raised on an eclectic mix of religious Indian music, Bollywood tunes, 2000s Atlanta hip-hop, along with punk rock and numetal, he took his first steps into production with the release of ‘Open Eyes’ and ‘In Dreams’ featuring Adventure Tiger, in 2017. These tracks bore resemblance and influence of indie pop groups like Purity Ring or CHVRCHES. He then went on to release pop ballad Before it Gets Dark (Unfold Me) which featured the wonderful Michelle Lu in 2017.

Following the success of his first three releases, he released a debut EP entitled Imaginary in August 2018 – and then a steady stream of singles superseded along with his sophomore EP, ‘Color Dreams’ in 2019. Fast-forward to 2020 – the momentum continues with his collaborative release of ‘three strikes’ with the electro pop duo DAVVN which has quickly amassed over 50,000 plays on Spotify alone.

As a dynamically versatile DJ/producer, AIR APPARENT has consistently polished a unique, signature sound release after release, treading genre boundaries between R&B, pop, and electronic music. From 2021 and onwards into 2022, he’s looking to ambitiously expand soundscapes with a new single and album – so stay tuned to hear future tracks!

Photo credit: Senny Mau
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