Keegan Powell Releases Official Video For “In Kincardine”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Keegan Powell*

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Kincardine is a sleepy little beach town three hours northwest of Toronto, where I often spent time growing up. It was the first summer of the pandemic and I wanted to leave the city behind for a while and stare at the stars somewhere you can actually see them. I was yearning to ideate and create a new era of my life. Sitting underneath the sky one evening, daydreaming— or, nightdreaming rather— the song started plucking me away.

Listen to “In Kincardine” now via your preferred streaming service

I wanted to capture the mood I was in when the song came to me, guitar in hand: a quiet summer night with all the stars to see, sitting around a fire, nowhere to go, nowhere to be. To just be. 

Watch the accompanying music video on YouTube with nostalgic familial imagery, cut from Super 8 footage my grandpa took around northern Ontario in the late 1950s. 

In Kincardine” is the third track off my new album, Previous Pain, that comes out May 11th. The album features production by Dylan Frankland (Tallies), Matt Snell (Dua Lipa), Peter Van Helvoort (The Glorious Sons) and drummer Phil Jones (Tom Petty). The title originally derived from a joke as most good things in life do, but ended up feeling like the only one I could imagine. 

Thanks for giving it a listen,

Keegan Powell  

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