Ritual Cloak Collaborate With Photographer Michal Iwanowski On Yearning New Single “Witaj w Domu”

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Photo Credit: Michal Iwanowski

Ritual Cloak colaborate with Photographer Michal Iwanowski on yearning new single ‘Witaj w Domu’

Artist: Ritual Cloak & Michal Iwanowski
Single Title: ‘Witaj w Domu’
Format: Digital Single
Release Date: 1st April 2022
Label: Bubblewrap Collective
Location: Cardiff. Wales 
For Fans Of: Mogwai, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Kiasmos

Ritual Cloak follow-up an ambitious year of releases (Divine Invasions, A Human Being is the Best Disguise & Orange Crush) with a collaboration between the duo and photographer Michal Iwanowski.

Witaj w Domu was recorded during the Divine Invasions sessions, but it felt like the track deserved to stand alone. Having been inspired by Iwanowski’s photographic project, Go Home Polish, Ritual Cloak composed a piece of music in response, inviting Iwanowski to contribute spoken word, drawn from writings of his 1900km journey between his two homes – Wales and Poland. Michal narrates three stories, all different, yet all similar and asks, just like the photographic project, where is home? The answer is elusive and complex, a riddle that transcends time and administration.“

The title of the song was inspired by images of Michal’s mother and family awaiting his return as he walked the final stretch towards the family home in Poland, holding the sign Witaj w Domu (Welcome Home). We wanted the title to completely contrast the hostility of the graffiti that Michal felt compelled to respond to. The composition even features audio sampled from a live streamed video of his arrival at his family home. The sounds and voices of his family played a key part in closing the track as these are the people that mean the most to Michal, especially the sound of Michal’s mum’s laugh weaving between the piano notes that brings an emotional texture.” – Ritual Cloak

This is hiraeth. This is heimet. Home.

Witaj w Domu is available on all streaming services via Bubblewrap Collective as of Friday, 1 April and presented in three different versions, in English, Polish and instrumental.


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