San Francisco’s No Captains Present ’13th Moon’ Feat. KnightressM1 With Animated/Live Performance Video

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No Captains and KnightressM1
’13th Moon’ from ‘Friends Like These’ LP
Full album out now, watch the new video
14 March 2022

San Francisco’s No Captains present ’13th Moon’ feat. KnightressM1 with animated / live performance video

Mr. Bungle, Primus, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Faith No More, Iron Maiden, KnightressM1

FCC clean, except for ‘2 Left Feet’

Photos courtesy of D. Sando

“An epic and foreboding intro meshed of bass and violin, the drums kick in and so does the coven. With a wickedly pronounced and convincing vocal delivery by frontman Alex Shonkoff, the necromantic raconteur who unravels the twisted bloody fears of a horrific night…. With a wickedly pronounced and convincing vocal delivery… Ominous and menacing” ~ Big Takeover Magazine

“Foreboding, adrenaline-fuelled and with steady drive… Effective in their performance, 13th Moon’ feels like a funky alt-metal version of music you could envision as a modern-day soundtrack to The Wicker Man in an alternate universe. As creepy as it is haunting” Amplify Music Magazine

San Francisco funk-rock metal outfit No Captains presents ’13th Moon,’ viewed through the prism of combined animation and live performance, highlighting the band’s fourth album ‘Friends Like These.’ 

This perfect haunt of a track features a spine-singling performance by well-recognized violinist Emily Palen of KnightressM1, whose recent stunning album ‘Dreams and Devastation’ was met with critical acclaim.

No Captains is a trio made up of Danny Sando (bass and back vocals), Vince Shore (drums and percussion) and Alex Shonkoff (vocals). Making music under the influence of such heavy-hitting bands as Mr. Bungle, Iron Maiden, Tool, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine, No Captains is on a mission to pump your adrenaline and then let the music take you for a ride.

“This song ’13th Moon’ was inspired by the odd occurrence of there being 13 full moons this past year.  The story is a narration as told by the head Black Cat, who is summoning all the undead creatures to rise up on that 13th full moon to take control of humanity,” explains Danny Sando.

Danny’s nephew Matthew, newly immersed in the realm of creating animation, ran with the story weaved throughout this tune to create this fun visual experience. At the same time drummer Vince Shore directed some live action shots, editing them together with the animation to bring you a lively trip of a musical experience.

The bass thumps along in a marching feel while the drums hold down a booming tribal essence to bring the listener closer to a trance-like state. A powerful soundtrack to fantastic lyrics inspired by thrillers and monster movies with their characteristic werewolves, mummies and zombies.

This Bay Area based hard funk-rock trio keep their shows highly energetic, making everyone part of the fun. No Captains’ music is raw and powerful, offering funky rhythm and melody to dance to, loud and fast to slam around to or, you can just plug in for some high voltage treatment.

The ‘Friends Like These’ LP is out now and can be downloaded via Bandcamp, with other merch available via the band’s own Merch Shop.


01  Looking Glass (Ft. Lester Raww)
02  Never Been Named
03  Donut Theory
04  Maze (Ft. B.Z. Lewis)
05  Throne (Ft. Derek Kerby)
06  Wrinkle in Slime (Ft. Anthony)
07  River Run (Ft. Lester Raww)
08  Quit Your Job (Ft. C.L. Berheren)
09  Sirens (Ft. Morty Lopez)
10  2 Left Feet
11 13th Moon (Ft. Emily Palen)
12  The Tide (Ft. Marc Beullomini)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by B.Z. Lewis of 132 Studios
Produced by Danny Sando and No Captains
Lyrics by Danny Sando, Alex Shonkoff, Vine Shore
Danny Sando – bass & backing vocals
Vince Shore – drums
Alex Shonkoff – lead vocals
Emily Palen (KnightressM1) – violin on ’13th Moon’
Dereck Kerby – guitar on ‘Throne’
Morty Lopez – guitar on ‘Sirens’
Anthony Ciandella – guitar on ‘Wrinkle in Slime’
Marc Belluomini – guitar on ‘The Tide’
B.Z. Lewis – guitar on ‘Maze’
C.L. Berehens: – trombone on ‘Quit Your Job’
Lester Raww – vocals on ‘Looking Glass’ and ‘Banjolele on “River Run’

13th Moon is a spooky adventure into the culling of our favorite horror creatures. Special Guest on the Violin is Emily Palen/KnightressM1 @EmilyPalen
Animated by Matthew Animates @MatthewAnimates
Music Recoded, edited, and Produced By B.Z. Lewis @ Studio 132
Live shots and Video Directed by Vince Shore
Video Edited and Produced by Vince Shore of Organic Battery Productions

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