Mear Releases Official Video For “Second Sight”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Mear*

Photo by Jen Squires

Some memories help propel us forward while others cling to us so tightly that they bind us in place.

Second Sight” is about someone who is grappling with a memory that holds them back – it’s about a confrontation and making it out on the other side. 

You can stream “Second Sight” via streaming platforms or watch the official music video on YouTube

It seems that nothing good will keep you from me,
and so I live with ghosts and second sight 

This latest single is from our upcoming full-length album, which will be released on April 22nd

Both the song and the video explore ideas around memory. We also knew this song would pair well with a dancer. Having worked with multiple choreographers and performers in the past, we had our sights on Katherine Semchuk. We gave Katherine a loose structure to work with and let her choreograph her own movement.

Another artist we are big fans of is animator/dancer Kristen-Innes Stambolic. Her work primarily involves the integration of animation with contemporary dance, so it was a perfect fit for us. 

Thank you for listening.

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