Indie-Pop Singer Cloe Wilder Releases New Single “We’re Not Special”

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Cloe spices up awkward romance, makes it look—and sound—cool ~ American Songwriter

“Possessing a lush angelic tone, that is distinctly Cloe, her music has the power to captivate and transport listeners into a world she has created.” ~ The Artist Central 

(Los Angeles, CA) – Indie-pop singer CLOE WILDER is back with a new single “WE’RE NOT SPECIAL.” The slyly psychedelic, atmospheric song is steeped in acoustic guitar and plenty of reverb. Penned by Cloe and co-writer and producer Sam Nicolosi, the lyrics paint a wistful picture of everyday life—specifically the mundanity—as the singer opens with “Oh my love / Heaven waits for no one / We’re not special.” 

“I love presenting certain topics that are a bit elusive and mysterious,” says Cloe. “I never have a set message for anybody and leave the interpretation of the lyrics to others.” Heavily influenced by artists like Lana Del Rey and Phoebe Bridgers, along with Sasha Sloan and Lennon Stella, the 15-year-old singer-songwriter incites emotion and vulnerability, wrapping her stories with subtle angst and haunting melodies. 

“‘We’re Not Special’ is written as if I’m speaking to this person about all of the reasons why we’re exactly like everyone else. There’s nothing we can say or do that will give us a better shot at this. It’s this complicated mess that makes us hurt. Maintaining relationships can feel so useless to me sometimes. Nothing feels special yet I think it’s okay to embrace that—the mundanity of it all.” 

Photo: Jesse DeFlorio 

Written and tracked in one day, Cloe says the song came together seamlessly. “The day before, Sam and I were messing around with similar chord progressions and we had three lines: ‘Let’s all get wasted /Act like we’re famous / Shut up and fake it.’ At first, we presented it in a different way but I didn’t love where it was going, so the next day he started playing this really pretty intro that we ended up keeping on the song. He sang the first melody, I sat down and it unfolded organically. From there ‘We’re Not Special’ wrote itself.”

Sonically, the song contributes to the aesthetic elements Cloe loves. “It’s earthy, acoustic, my vocals are drenched in reverb, there are some lyrics doubled for harmonies and it just has this kind of a messy vibe. I feel all of this really worked for the song.” 

To celebrate the release of the new single, the rising star has debuted a new music video for “We’re Not Special,” also released today. Filmed at The Cowboy Palace Saloon in California, the video was directed by Jesse DeFlorio. 

Cloe Wilder is quickly establishing herself as an indie-pop artist to watch. Her last video, “In the Next Life,” which dropped last October, was picked up by MTV’s Spankin’ New channel and is still on rotation. The pianist who curates personal lyricism that feels incredibly relatable, has also been covered on American Songwriter, Lyrical Lemonade, The New Nine and more. 

Making her debut into the music scene three years ago, she’s amassed more than one million streamed songs on her Spotify page to date. Last year, she released her debut EP, “Teenage Lullabies”—a project which showcased the gifted chanteuse weaving effortlessly through high and low notes on the well-rounded, picturesque seven-track offering. Furthermore, she’s worked with Grammy Award winners Rob Kinelski and John Greenham (Billie Eilish), and Eric Scullin (RZA, Mark Needham [The Killers])—her musical director/keyboardist/guitarist. 

In between recording and gigging, Cloe rolled out a new live video each week on her YouTube channel in the fall of 2021. Part of the performances of the songs off her EP (“Teenage Lullabies”) were filmed in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida, at the historic landmark Capitol Theater, while others were shot at West Hollywood’s legendary Troubadour. Currently, she is working on a new album, which is slated for release later this year. 

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