Human Issue (Dwarves, Adolescents, Prissy Whip, Etc.) Share Video For “Circles,” Release EP For Rad Girlfriend Records

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Human Issue (Dwarves, Adolescents, Prissy Whip, etc.) share video for “Circles,” release EP for Rad Girlfriend Records

No Echo
 has the new video from Human Issue for their song, “Circles.” The project finds Hunter Martinez (also of Decent Criminal, Dwarves, Slaughterboys) recording with an impressive roster of collaborators, including Rikk Agnew (Adolescents, Christian Death), Crow Jane (Egrets of Ergot, Prissy Whip), Bryan Lothian (A Global Threat), and Corrupted Youth’s Raul and Riff Cuellar, who co-produced Human Issue’s debut EP, Faceless. Nameless, released via Rad Girlfriend Records on February 18.

Martinez tells No Echo, “‘Circles’ is a song about feeling the sense of redundancy in years of substance dependency. There’s this kind of fear and anxiety that comes with this feeling. How much time you’ve spent being fucked up in your life and can you overcome it? There’s a lot of sadness in realizing you wanna make a change, but lie to yourself and haven’t taken the step to do so.

“The years go by, you keep making the same mistakes and you repeat the same words to make you feel ok in the moment of falling back into substance abuse/dependency to cope with issues you haven’t addressed,” he adds. “Or stay in a situation you absolutely hate, but you sit and soak in it instead of trying to get out. Being stuck in this cycle then realizing you do this with the same people who do the exact same thing.”

Human Issue’s first offering Faceless.Nameless is raw and impactful; guttural vocals deliver lyrics that resonate, backed by fast, punchy riffs that make this debut hard to ignore. Drawing inspiration from fast-paced punk and hardcore, expressing an accumulation of pent-up frustration and anger, this release is honest, gritty and gripping.

In its infancy, Human issue was a solo project with Martinez utilizing his strength on drums and challenging himself vocally. As time went on the project evolved and formed into a concept of artist collaboration, each making their mark on the tracks, becoming a collective and complimenting each other’s contribution. This concept gives the project fluidity, each release going forward will feature different artists lending their talents as well as returning guests. This approach puts everyone involved front and center, delivering from their core.     

Pre-order the EP here.

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