Belgian Post-Pop/Post-Rock/Noise Shoegazers Cecilia::Eyes Share New Album For Free Streaming On The WherePostRockDwells YouTube Channel

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Domino Media Group*

Belgian post-pop/post-rock/noise shoegazers Cecilia::Eyes shared new album for FREE STREAMING on the wherepostrockdwells YouTube Channel.

‘Sore Memories Always End’ out now on CD/LP/Digital through Dunk! Records & SONIC & BLIND Records.
About one month after the official release of their new album ‘Sore Memories Always End,’ Belgian ethereal post-pop/post-rock/indie/noise shoegaze quartet Cecilia::Eyes shared the whole effort for FREE STREAMING on YouTube, thanks to the courtesy of the wherepostrockdwells channel

For reminder : ‘Sore Memories Always End’ is available right now on CD, LP & Digital through Dunk!records (Pelican, Russian Circles, We Lost The Sea, etc.) and the band’s own imprint SONIC & BLIND Records. 
 Stream the entire album on YouTube 
 Buy the album on Deluxe 2xLP limited edition 
…For the record…

CECILIA::EYES defines itself as a band practicing a subtle mix of slow and noisy melodies. Since the release of the third album ‘DISAPPEARANCE’ in 2014, and a series of gigs in Belgium and abroad, the band isolated itself from the scene for a long period to write a fourth opus.

‘Sore Memories Always End’ concretizes the band’s will to opt for lyrics and vocal harmonies on a majority of tracks. 
 Stream / Buy the album on CD / Digital through Bandcamp 

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