“Panic Attack” By Dan Potter Sings Gets ‘Metalized’ In Cover By Dark Years From Now

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Dan Potter Sings*

Dan Potter Sings gets ‘metalized’ in cover by Dark Years from Now

I decided to do a cover of myself! Let me explain.

Along with Dan Potter Sings, I have been releasing full-on heavy metal under the name Dark Years From Now.  I recently got the idea to ‘metalize’ one of my own catchy songs instead of screeching out the lyrics to a Cindi Lauper song or something, lol!  The end result is a melodic death metal inspired rendition of the Dan Potter Sings track “Panic Attack,” which was originally released in 2015.

This is what I said about “Panic Attack” when I released an acoustic version of it in 2020:

“The song ‘Panic Attack (Acoustic)’ tells the tale of down-on-your-luck circumstances, like when you feel society or some other forces are out to get you. This song punches back with a catchy melody and nimble acoustic guitar playing where its bouncy rhythms act as counterweights to the downtrodden reality you or I may face. This ‘unplugged’ punk song is all about having fun, but in a macabre sort of way.”

-Dan Potter

Learn more here: https://linktr.ee/darkyearsfromnow

In other news, Dan Potter Sings recently released a full-length album titled “Again?!” which can best be described as a 40-minute roller coaster ride through mutant genre splicing where black metal meets 90s punk and the singer-songwriter meets noise rock.

Find “Again?!” on Bandcamp here: https://danpottersings.bandcamp.com/album/again

Dan Potter Sings bio: 

Dan Potter Sings is the alias of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dan Potter. His songs broadcast a wide spectrum of influences producing genre-defying songs in the process. Dan, who is based in Vancouver, BC Canada, is a ‘one man band’ and has turned his bedroom studio into a song factory, churning out tracks like some candy machine dispensing loud alternative rock music. All three of his albums and singles released since 2013 were written and performed by him alone as an experiment in free expression. What was captured is steeped in individualism and personal circumstance; his lack of conformity has subsequently led to a sizable aesthetic variety of pop/rock music that continues to fascinate audiences into 2022.

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