Ohio Rapper TINO Releases ‘Never Worried Bout Tomorrow’ Via Bandcamp

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Ohio rapper TINO releases ‘Never Worried About Tomorrow’ via Bandcamp

Never Worried Bout Tomorrow
 was the third release of 2021 for Dayton, Ohio based emcee TINO who has released self-titled Safe Money EP (April), which is a collaboration with K.Carter and long-awaited Sidekick Complex EP Been A Sidekick Fan For Seven Years and All I Got Was This (June), which is a drum and bass three-piece band which he fronts. NWBT is the first solo release from the artist since 2020’s Past Due EP and his first full-length since 2018’s From Ohio With Love. There has been a noticeable uptick in TINO’s output during the course of the pandemic having released a number of music videos and features with rock band Nightbeast, folk pop singer Lisa Gain and putting a split 7” vinyl through Sofaburn Records with Paige Beller and MOIRA all in the span of 18 months.
TINO says, “I spent the first couple of months like most of us did, thinking this would all blow over and things like live performances would get back to normal soon. I held off on releases thinking tomorrow would be better. It was as tomorrow’s forecast got worse, I realized how much time I wasted worrying about something outside my control. It was after consulting with a good friend in the industry I decided to go crazy. And by that, I mean focus on doing as much as I could today and getting this art out into the world as often as possible and not letting the future dictate today.”
The December 7, 2021 release of NWTB (via Bandcamp, and January 8, 2022 for additional streaming platforms/physical release) also marks 10 years for TINO as a paid musician.
“This project is the culmination of everything I’ve learned or have come to be known for over the past decade. It is also a journey through those years as I worked through the grief of losing my father, learned to let go of my fears including not living up to my perceived potential and finding comfort in what has been achieved so far. We get so fixated on the ultimate goal and what the future holds, we lose sight of today and what we’ve been through to get here. If you think about all the odds you’ve overcome and all the wins you’ve amassed to reach this point, how could you worry about tomorrow?”
Album was produced primarily by Nick Robison, mixed and mastered by Rizo of The Dreamcatchers Recording Studio, who also contributed production for song “No Sintra.” Features include TrigNO, P The Emcee, Kelly Hanus, as well as the legendary Blueprint of Rhymesayers fame, who also produced two tracks.

Photo: TINO with Blueprint

Watch the video for “Hunnid Nights” here.
1. Hunnid Nights (Prod. by Nick Robison)
2. On Momma (Prod. by Nick Robison)
3. Preacher’s Son (Prod. by Nick Robison)
4. I Know (Prod. by Nick Robison)
5. More Time (Prod. by Blueprint)
6. Sad Song (Prod. by Nick Robison)
7. For Every Action a Reaction (Prod. by Blueprint)
8. Sweet Nothings (Prod. by Nick Robison)
9. No Sinatra (Prod. by Rizo)
10. Sing Good (Prod. by Nick Robison)
Stream it now at Bandcamp.

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