TEEN RAVINE Releases Official Music Video For “EVERYONE”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By TEEN RAVINE*

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I was walking along a busy street when a frazzled, distracted driver almost hit me with their car. I did that thing where I pointed with two fingers at my eyes and then towards them as if to say, “Watch where you’re going.” 

In response, the driver rolled down their window and screamed at me in frustration: THERE’S JUST… A LOT GOING ON RIGHT NOW! 

Our new song, “EVERYONE,” is kind of about that. There’s just a lot going on right now. 

This track is an escapist fantasy which explores the desire to withdraw from an overstimulated world. It’s about wanting to do nothing and shut it all down. If less is more, then none is most! 

Watch the official music video for “EVERYONE” on YouTube now. 

EVERYONE” was recorded as part of a live show at Array Music in Toronto. With the help of our saxophonist and string arranger, Edwin Sheard, we adapted our repertoire to be performed alongside a chamber quintet (violin, viola, cello, flute and alto sax). We wanted to capture the vulnerable immediacy of performing live in front of an attentive, intimate audience. 

Given the current state of affairs, this song feels prescient in a way we hadn’t anticipated. We hope that it makes you feel sad and hopeful in equal measure. 

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