Riches Releases New Single “Hang In Pieces”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Riches*

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With our first record, we dove into the monstrous side of our devotion to the creative process, imagining creativity as a kind of demon being summoned from a mysterious realm.  

The single we are sharing with you today, a collaboration with Dan Lissvik (Studio, Atelje), marks a shift in tone towards feelings of love and longing within this altered reality of creation.  

Hang in Pieces” articulates the altered, psychedelic and beautiful web of intersecting ideas, senses, and feelings within the creative process.  

The performance and rites of crossing this threshold both destroy us and leave us feeling lit up and transformed.

You may hear the shoegaze-inspired “Hang in Pieces” on the platform of your choice
As Riches, we soundtrack an imaginary folk horror film about the search for the creative entity.  

This is a project inspired by our devotion to the creative force, where the act of creation is a kind of summoning.  

We invite you to enter this world with us, our sunlit and exultant space.

Catherine McCandless and Wynn Holmes of Riches

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