Reaven Releases New Single “Ordinary Heroes”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Rogue PR*


Romeo Bassi: ‘The theme I’m writing about in this song is a subject I’ve been writing about a few times in the past. Our connection to reality, what’s important, what’s superficial. Who are the real heroes of this world? The ones putting their lives on display every five minutes on social media, being slowly alienated to this smoke screen or people who are able to do magnificent actions (even the easiest ones) hidden from the crowd, just because that’s who they are. This is the gap that I’m trying to highlight in ‘Ordinary Heroes.’

I wanted it to be emphasized by a ‘protest’ vibe in the melody and the chorus part. The idea would be to ‘take part in this protest against the shallowness of these social waters we’re drowning in’ and let’s all be heroes in our daily lives, not by screaming it everywhere and showing off, but just by doing it. I think that’s what ‘Ordinary Heroes’ is all about.’ 

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