Two Eyes Open Shows A Heavier Side To His Sound With Haunting New Single “Dysphoria”

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Photo Credit: Evanne Stoll
TWO EYES OPEN Shows A Heavier Side to His Sound With Haunting New Single “Dysphoria”

“‘Dysphoria’ describes a state of unease or general dissatisfaction with life, which is largely what the song is about,” Two Eyes Open frontman Dustin Parlier says about the track. “I would say it’s best described as ‘early AFI with A Day To Remember breakdowns’ or more affectionately as ‘Scooby Doo horror punk.’ ‘Dysphoria’ would resonate with fans of both new and old alternative music.”

The song showcases a darker and heavier side of Two Eyes Open’s music by blending honest, pessimistic lyrics with elements from grunge, punk, metalcore and other similar styles. 
Artwork Credit: Dustin Parlier & Mala Mortensa

Listen to “Dysphoria” HERE!

Alternative Press put it best: “Rising from the DIY ethos of pop punk comes Two Eyes Open. The solo endeavor of singer-songwriter Dustin Parlier, the project has covered expansive stylistic territory following its 2020 debut. From punk-rock aggression to evocative acoustic ballads, the ambitious displays are all linked by their stark relatability.”

Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Two Eyes Open is a pizza-fueled pop-punk act with a lot of heart. The band features introspective lyrics and genre-bending sounds. Not afraid to admit fault and insecurities from past relationships and experiences, the words from songs like Lacuna, Inc., The Ceiling and Ode to Newgrounds are bled straight from the heart on 2EO’s sleeve. Other topics such as self-worth, reconnection in spite of conflict and the ongoing fight against racial injustice are also explored.

With the intention of making the project bigger than just himself, Dustin has also collaborated with many contemporaries in the scene, such as Underking, Cheer Up Dusty, Win by 2, Nate Logan, Passionflower and Trent Jeffrey. September 24th brought Two Eyes’ newest song “Patched-Up Heart,” performed with R&B artist Elion Melody.

The ultimate motivation behind Two Eyes is to marry Dustin’s love of art, music, video games (check out Hoodie), movies — all of the intercontextual mediums that make us ‘human’ — to become an entity that inspires creativity in future generations, the way that so many great acts have done for him. 

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