Tahlena Chikami (Bite Me Bambi) And Scott Klopfenstein (Littlest Man Band, Reel Big Fish) Team Up On Cover Of Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers Classic “Islands In The Stream”

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Tahlena Chikami (BITE ME BAMBI) and Scott Klopfenstein (LITTLEST MAN BAND, REEL BIG FISH) Team Up on Cover of Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers Classic “Islands In The Stream”
Watch the “Islands In The Stream” Video Here 
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Tahlena Chikami, frontwoman of Orange County, CA ska/pop/punk faves Bite Me Bambi, and Scott Klopfenstein of Littlest Man BandReel Big Fish, have teamed up on a spirited cover of the classic Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton duet “Islands In The Stream” (written by The Bee Gees).

Stream the music video (directed by Chris Graue) HERE: https://youtu.be/WCteSzTrakk
Musicians appearing on the track include: Scott Klopfenstein: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Tahlena Chikami: Vocals, Matt Appleton (Reel Big Fish): Sax – Trumpet – Trombone, Ryland Steen (Reel Big Fish & America): Drums, Steve Fekete: Guitar

Track produced by Ryland Steen

Mixed and mastered by David Irish

Written by: The Bee Gees

Stream the single on Spotify and Bandcamp.

“The tune came about in the only way things in my career tend to… by someone saying something random while in front of an audience, then realizing that you have to live up to it,” says Klopfenstein.

He recalls,”Tahlena said “You know what would be crazy and fun…? And I said “I like crazy and fun!” And the fans said, “We want crazy and fun!” So we gave it a go. I’m not sure if what we did is crazy and fun, but I’m positive…for the most part…that we did something crazy and I had fun.”

Tahlena Chikami adds, “You ever just blurt something out of your mouth and not really think it through? That’s how this cover of “Islands in the Stream” came about. While streaming on Twitch, I just sort of said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if Scott and I covered Islands in the Stream? We’ll dress up and everything. Hilarious!” And the internet did what the internet does, it ran with it. Before we knew it, we were there singing it together on Scott’s stream.

To me, this cover sort of encapsulates the best parts of the Twitch community. Getting to collaborate with other artists, having inside jokes with your subscribers. Twitch streams sort of build their own community and lore. This cover is a great example of just that.

I was excited to do something with Scott, someone whose talent I really admire. It was really just all good, clean, and wet fun. Plus, I love any excuse to take out my Dolly wig!”

Director Chris Graue says, “There’s a beautiful strangeness in watching two people who have never met sing a song about being lovers together, and I hope we’ve captured something of that awkward joy for the audience.”

Catch Scott Klopfenstein on tour:

October 28th – San Luis Opiso, CA
October 29th – Anaheim, CA
October 30th – Phoenix, AZ


Catch Bite Me Bambi on tour:

November 11th – Ann Arbor, MI
November 12th – Coolidge Indianapolis, IN
November 13th – Chicago, IL, United States



About Scott Klopfenstein:

Scott Klopfenstein stepped into a tour bus at the tender age of 17 and lived half his life on the road touring as a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist in Reel Big Fish. Over his 17 year stretch with the band, Scott played for countless thousands of fans, gallivanted across television screens and stages worldwide, as well as starting his own project, The Littlest Man Band.

In 2005, he abandoned the sun-drenched streets of California to relocate to New York. Five years later, Scott left the road to begin a family. Start over. Control-Alt-Delete.

Scott spent 15 years discovering fatherhood and attempted to build a creative foundation in NYC. His journey connected him with Catya McMullen, a brilliant playwright who fueled Scott to compose music for various theater projects. With a little help from his friends, Scott released “Welcome to New York / The Hilarious” in 2019. The two-song EP is a whimsical love note to the city that holds so much promise and yet, darkly devours creative types searching for their place in it all. Not long after, Scott hosted several segments in the independent documentary film “Pick It Up! – Ska in the ‘90s” where he interviewed unsuspecting New Yorkers about Ska music.

When performing his music at the live screenings of “Pick It Up!”, Scott was humbled by the outpouring of love and respect he got from the Ska scene. He forgot that he played a role in something bigger than himself. In fact, Scott was a member of a community where being a weirdo and playing a trumpet and dancing around like an idiot was not only accepted, it was embraced. He realized that finding a community where you belong was not unique to the weirdo experience, it’s important for all human beings. And then 2020 happened.

Scott uprooted his family in the middle of a pandemic and moved from New York back to California. In a short period of time, he reconnected with the creative foundation of his youth and jumpstarted his career. Scott performs four nights a week on Twitch to people all over the world. This international digital audience is a new phenomenon for Scott, one that fuels his artistic passion. He’s an average man that thrives in the uncomfortable. His vulnerability on display connects with his Twitch community, letting them know that they aren’t alone in feeling like a square peg. Scott adds to the ever-evolving soundtrack of this era, hoping to pass on useful building blocks to the next generation. Our collective participation in the struggle to belong is crucial. Why not do it with a song and a smile.


About Bite Me Bambi:

Bite Me Bambi brings sounds reminiscent of British 2 Tone and 3rd wave ska into the 21st century. With energetic songs and masterful musicianship, BMB gets the crowd on their feet and dancing. Comprised of members from some of your favorite ska bands (My Superhero, Save Ferris, Starpool), this new group breathes fresh life to a genre that may have originated in Jamaica and honed in Britain, but was perfected in the haze, blight, glamour and beauty of Southern California.

Keep up with Bite Me Bambi via the band’s fast-growing weekly Twitch show where they play songs and chat live with fans. You can view the show for free with a Twitch account, but there’s also subscription option for $3.99 per month, which goes to support the band’s content and will unlock exclusive subscriber merch and content. https://www.twitch.tv/bitemebambi

Bite Me Bambi’s latest single is a sunny, horn-inflected take on The Go Go’s classic tune “Our Lips Are Sealed.”

Watch the video for Our Lips Are Sealed” here:


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